Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lights Cameras Action This Week

Here's just a quick rundown of some of the things going on around our neighborhood this past week. Lots of lights, cameras and action!
  • Crowley movie shoot (with Harrison Ford & Brendan Fraser) on the hill at OHSU & Doernbecher on Monday, June 1. Press conference and visit with governor Ted as well - more info.
  • More Crowley movie shooting at Oaks Park - Tuesday, June 2. I heard an estimate that ~2000 locals were recruited as extras.
  • Nike (?) commercial shoot right here in the SWF on Gaines St - Thursday, June 4. They shot footage of a male and female runner running up and down the street. The SWF community site posted some photos here.
  • Fleet Week - June 3 - 7: Ships began arriving at the downtown waterfront on Wednesday. My waterfront running route was diverted slightly on Friday afternoon, as the pedestrian sidewalk was fenced off from the Burnside Bridge to the Steel Bridge. A Coast Guard boat was sitting in the middle of the river at the Steel bridge, ready with gun pointed as I crossed. That was a very strange sensation and I'm not clear on the necessity of that sort of security. Some Fleet Week news from KGW News and KATU.
  • Dragon Boat Races - June 6 & 8: So this is what they've all been training for!!! We have seen them rowing their boats up and down the river for several months.