Friday, November 15, 2013

Grimm Ep303 "A Dish Best Served Cold" Portland filming locations

Grimm Episode 303 "A Dish Best Served Cold"

"A centuries-long feud brings an unpleasant pop of crime to Portland."
Aired: Nov. 8, 9/8C

Doctor's Office

After the turmoil of the last few weeks, Nick visits a doctor for a treadmill stress test. Nick has obviously been hitting the trails in Portland, as his heart rate and BP are not affected by increasing pace.

Raven & Rose

Monrosalee dine at Raven & Rose, share a touching moment and are offered a "petite beef and truffle tartlet" courtesy of the chef. Rosalee later discovers this is the Black Despair Mushroom, poisonous to Blutbad.

(I have seen angry pan-throwing chefs in Portland but not quite like this Wesen.)

There was a big buzz during filming... This was one of the most photographed couple of days of filming that I've observed. Here are a few user-generated shots from Aug 13:

David G on the steps at R&R - by @Grimm_Family

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grimm Ep302 "PTZD" Portland filming locations

Grimm Ep 302: PTZD

"While the gang tries to stop Zombie Nick's ruthless rampage and Renard exacts his revenge on Eric, Adalind works to restore her Hexenbiest powers."
Aired: Nov 1, 2013 - 9/8C

Zombie Nick is on the loose in farm country near Troutdale. The gang chases after him with a brief stop at Tippy's by the Captain and ladies; meanwhile Nick's buddies Monroe and Hank track him down at the farmhouse.

The farmhouse is hypothetically located at 642 Birmingham Rd. (There is one location in Vancouver, though not this farmhouse.) Did any of you run across this site during filming?

farmhouse on
Barn fighting ensues, the gang subdues Nick and absconds to the Spice Shop.

Familiar locales:

Police Parking Garage:

Back to the yellow and white Montgomery Park parking garage, as in earlier seasons. It was first seen in Ep 13.

This is a brief post this week. I'm certain we will see much more of Portland in the coming weeks.