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List of Grimm Episodes

Grimm Season 1 - Portland Filming Locations

Season 1 Map
Episode 101: Little Red Riding Hood  (PILOT)
Episode 102: Bears Will Be Bears
Episode 103: Beeware (featuring South Waterfront & Portland Streetcar)
Episode 104: Lonelyhearts
Episode 105: Danse Macabre
Episode 106: Three Bad Wolves
Episode 107: Let Your Hair Down
Episode 108: Game Ogre
Episode 109: Of Mouse and Man
Episode 110: Organ Grinder
Episode 111: Tarantella
Episode 112: Last Grimm Standing
Episode 113: Three Coins in a Fuchsbau
Episode 114: Plumed Serpent
Episode 115: Island of Dreams
Episode 116: The Thing With Feathers
Episode 117: Love Sick
Episode 118: Cat and Mouse
Episode 119: Leave it to the Beavers
Episode 120: Happily Ever Aftermath
Episode 121: Big Feet
Episode 122: Woman in Black (FINALE)

Grimm Season 2 - Portland Filming Locations

Season 2 Map
Episode 201: Bad Teeth (Premier)
Episode 202: The Kiss
Episode 203: Bad Moon Rising
Episode 204: Quill
Episode 205: The Good Shepherd
Episode 206: Over My Dead Body
Episode 207: The Bottle Imp
Episode 208: The Other Side
Episode 209: La Llorona
Episode 210: The Hour of Death
Episode 211: To Protect and Serve Man
Episode 212: Season of the Hexenbiest
Episode 213: Face Off
Episode 214: Natural Born Wesen
Episode 215: Mr. Sandman
Episode 216: Nameless
Episode 217: One Angry Fuchsbau
Episode 218: Volcanalis

Grimm Special Posts

(in order of popularity)
The House of Monroe
Nick & Juliette's House
Grimm Interview: All About Nick & Juliette's House
On Set of Grimm at OHSU
Grimm Filming Announcement - South Waterfront


  1. do you know when grimm will begin filming again?

    1. It sounds like they started up again today...

  2. The whispers are of Grimm requesting to film at Tippy Canoe in Troutdale. What have you heard ?

    1. I haven't heard but sounds likely! Thanks

    2. Latest news... Grimm scouts, walking the property at McMenamin's Edgefield today. frighteningly close to Tippy Canoe... hmmmmmmmm... ;-)

    3. They are filming at Tippy Canoe right now.

  3. Drove by Tippy Canoe last week - announcement up on their message board!

  4. Does anyone know where they are filming now?

  5. Hey! I am a production assistant trying to find out where they are to drop off my card for work. Does anyone know when or where they are filming at mainly? The most likely place I would find them?

  6. Looking for a friend who said he was near the current "Grimm" shooting. Does anyone know what part of town?

    1. Lloyd Center area, I think. You can see it from the max.

    2. Lloyd Center area, I think. You can see it from the max.

    3. Does anyone know if they are filming next week anytime. My wife daughter and I are going to Portland for the first time and would love to see it.