Monday, October 28, 2013

Grimm Season 3 Premiere

Welcome back Grimm!

Grimm Season 3 premiered on Friday with "The Ungrateful Dead". The series picked up where they left us dangling last season with lots of zombies in the container yard. Just another night here in Portland!

Chasing, fighting zombies.

Hank is back on two feet again. Did Juliette tell Hank on the phone: "I'm with Monrosalee..."?

Nick (now a zombie too) was kidnapped by the baron who tried to fly him to Europe.
Nick in coffin in plane - 
The gang's all here at our beloved PDX.

Frau Pech lost her heart...hands...feet...and eyeballs to the charming Adalind and the gypsies. Gore. Magical poppy fields.
Poppies -
Claire Coffee mentioned that the poppy field scenes were filmed on a disc golf course in the area. Perhaps Dabney Disc Golf Course near Troutdale?

Plane crash.

Nick escaped the wreckage and headed to Tippy's Canoe in Troutdale to cause a ruckus.
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The Grimm Gang gassed the zombies inside a container with one of Rosalee's antidotes, turning them back into regular people.

Outside of Tippy's scene & PDX, there was not a lot in the location department, but there promises to be much more coming soon!

Nick is still a zombie on the loose, and with hypersensitive hearing powers.