Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grimm Ep 205 Portland filming locations

First Presbyterian - 12th & Alder

Season 2 Episode 5: "The Good Shepherd"

Story: "Monroe goes undercover to help Nick expose the truth about a local church and its unusual flock."
Aired Sept 28, 9/8C

Bar (opening scene)

I received some helpful hints from a reader, regarding the location of the bar(s) in the opening scene with Nick and the beaver.

Exterior: Dockside Saloon @ 2047 NW Front Ave
Updated -- Interior: I received a tip that this was filmed in Milwaukie, OR at Jo's Saloon.
4400 SE International Way
"McFadden's Mulch"
Looks like Ross Island Sand & Gravel again...
Poor Norman Brewster...

Juliette in the Club

Brief scene in a yellow-ish bar which I don't recognize:

First Presbyterian

Portland First Presbyterian Church returns...last seen on Episode 11 of Season 1. The filming earlier his summer at the church caused quite a stir. It is a gorgeous building, inside and out.

Sanctuary -

We have a bunch of great photos to share, from on and around the set during filming:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grimm Season 2 Map posted

The Grimm locations update you all have been waiting for:
OldeSaultie's all-new Grimm Season 2 filming locations map has been published: Grimm 2 Map

photo courtesy S. Filler

Monday, September 17, 2012

Knights give $125M to OHSU

Pres. Robertson announces to a packed CHH atrium
OHSU made a surprise announcement this afternoon, and it was HUGE!

Phil & Penny Knight are making a $125M donation to OHSU Cardiovascular Medicine. This is the biggest single gift in the history of OHSU and will be used to create a new Cardiovascular Institute.

"Led by Albert Starr, M.D., and Sanjiv Kaul, M.D., the institute will bring clinicians and researchers together to translate laboratory discoveries into new and better treatments for the world’s No. 1 killer." - OHSU site

The first recipient of an artificial heart valve, designed by OHSU researcher Albert Starr, was present and shared her story.

Read more about the gift and the key researchers involved on the OHSU site.

More coverage from lots of local media sources:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grimm Ep 204 Portland filming locations

A Monrosalee Picnic - on

Season 2 Episode 4: "Quill"

Tonight's plot: "Rosalee can't seem to get enough of Monroe... but there may be something other than romance afoot."
Aired: Sept 3, 10:00pm PST

Warning: this is the zombie episode!

Spoiler: don't worry, the guys save Rosalee from the Yellow Plague.

Under the Morrison Bridge

A Portland Parks & Rec truck and driver are rear-ended under the Morrison Bridge, (near the Montage). Photographs during filming (courtesy Sally):

Check out Episode 15 of Season 1 for similar Central Eastside filming locations.


Check out the Sultan Cafe on NW 18th Ave.