Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grimm Episode 12 Portland filming locations

What is the first rule of Grimm Fight Club?

Grimm Episode 12: "Last Grimm Standing"

Premise: 'A murder leads Nick and Hank to an underground fight club.' Make that fight club / hunger games.

Awhile back, I heard about the Beaverton PAL boxing team involved in filming for Grimm. It looks like this is the episode.

Another Forest Murder
Per usual, our opening scene involves a murder, and this time it's a double homicide of a couple at their cabin in the woods. The Portland Business Journal (of all things) published a story today about the local actor, Allen Nause, killed in this scene. Nause offers a few details about the scene: "Nause shot the scene about two months ago in an old growth forest off Highway 26 about 45 minutes outside of Portland."

We get our usual Police Station shots, Nick's house, as well as a visit to Aunt Marie's trailer.

"Boxing Gym on 8th"
Boxing Gym on SE Alder St
As mentioned above, I think this is the Beaverton PAL boxing team filming.
Gym location: SE Alder St  (Thanks for the tip, OldeSaultie!)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wiener Mobile sighting

We had our very own Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile sighting yesterday in the South Waterfront. It seems the famous hotdog-car made a visit to the food carts.
So photogenic too!

Thanks to a friend for these shots, and for his quick citizen reporting skills.

Come back soon!

Maybe we will catch some photos on the "hotdoggerblog"......

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grimm Episode 11 Portland filming locations

Marina at Riverplace -
Grimm Episode 11: "Tarantella"
NBC summary: "The desiccated body of a young man leads Nick and Hank to a deadly woman leading a double life."
Aired: Friday, Feb. 10, 9/8c

"Graet" locations this week - Spiderwoman visits Old Town, The Pearl, Riverplace Marina & a few bridge shots

Graeter Art Gallery, Old Town
Tonight's opening scene takes place in Graeter Art Gallery in Old Town, art and all. Graeter Art held a well-publicized screening party tonight. They are located @ 131 NW 2nd Ave.  Did any of you attend?
Grimm crime scene in Portland's Graeter Art Gallery
The Encore, The Pearl
Spiderwoman's first victim was killed in a gross, venom-spewing manner inside a condo in The Pearl. OregonLive reports this is the Encore Condos. The Encore is located on the east end of The Pearl, 9th & Overton, on The Fields Park where the following scene was filmed.
The Encore condos (2.11.12)
The Fields Park, The Pearl
Monroe & Burkhardt take a coffee break in The Fields Park, drinking coffee from Grand Central Bakery. (Although, there is no GCB near the park...)
The Fields Park, Rational Exuberance sculpture (2.11.12)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fulton Park Community Center

Fulton Community Center
If you've ever taken the "back roads" home from Burlingame Fred Meyer, you may have driven past the Fulton Community Center. It is a little stucco building on a grassy corner lot at 68 SW Miles St, just off Barbur Blvd (about 3.5 miles from the South Waterfront).

I recently received a message from a reader regarding the center. There is a proposal to close the Fulton Community Center due to city budget cuts forcing a $1M reduction from the Parks & Rec Bureau. The center was threatened in 2006 as well, although survived that time.

You can view the proposed budget packages at the Parks & Rec site here. In a summary by the Southwest Community Connection, other proposed cost-cutting measures include "...ending regular trash pickup at parks, closing 189 public toilets, reducing park landscaping maintenance and closing summertime “splash pads” at 12 city parks. Hillside Community Center in Northwest Portland is also facing closure." What??? You can't close the park toilets!!! For more on this topic, see, Portland's Public Restroom Advocates.

I'm passing along some additional information I received regarding events and activities at the Fulton Park Community Center.
  • An Intro to CrossFit for people ages 13-113 will be held at Fulton Community Center every Friday in February from 6-7AM for the crazy low cost of $40 for all four classes!  Help Save Fulton Park Community Center and get a workout. Send your friends. Send your enemies.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Local film premier Tuesday 2/7

Local filmmaker Mike Vogel has produced a new comedy titled "Did You Kiss Anyone", which features scenes from the South Waterfront.

The Portland premier of "Did You Kiss Anyone" plays at the Baghdad on Tuesday, 2/7 @ 7pm ($3).
South Waterfront on film

More South Waterfront on film

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Grimm Episode 10 Portland filming locations

Grimm Episode 10 "Organ Grinder" 
On this week's episode: "Nick and Hank investigate the murder of a teenager, and the stakes are raised when two vagrant teens are abducted."
Aired: Friday, Feb. 3, 9/8c

Location highlights this week: Old Town, Chinatown

The Gorge
The episode opened with another dark, wooded forest chase, this one leading to a crime scene in a river with a waterfall backdrop.
I'm not sure where in the Gorge this particular waterfall is located. Is it real? Anyone recognize it?
Back at the police station, the river drowning location is described by Detective Griffin as "the river above Triple Falls" near Sandy, which he points out on a map:
Sandy, OR was also a location for filming in Episode 4, "Lonelyhearts".

Old Town / Chinatown
Most of the rest of the scenes were filmed in Old Town / Chinatown. The Grimm film crew camped out in the parking lot of 4th & Davis (in front of Davis St Tavern) during the 2nd week of November.
  • Post Office: The detectives visit a post office downtown where they learn the location of the streetgirl who sells bracelets.
  • Saturday Market area: We see various (sunny) shots of Ankeny Square and the Skidmore Fountain where the streetkids hang out.
Arches at Ankeny Square -
  • Folter Clinic - a fictitious "free clinic on 15th"

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coming soon to South Waterfront...

More storage options, (and neon signs).

South Waterfront Heated Storage will be opening in the newly remodeled portion of the warehouse building at 680 SW Bancroft.  This is the same building where Southwest Charter School is currently located.

This should come as a welcome addition and service to many South Waterfront condo-dwellers.
South Waterfront Heated Storage Opening Soon (503) 226-7777

This comes with a price, people. In the day since I originally posted this, 2 gaudy neon signs have gone up on the building. Nice renovation, nice service to the neighborhood, very unattractive signage. Not cool!

Here it is: