Sunday, September 22, 2013

South Waterfront Construction - Fall 2013

The Emery:
The newest residential building in the South Waterfront, The Emery apartments, is preparing to open soon. Originally slated for August, it is now set for October.  We also learned recently that Lovejoy Bakers will be opening a new location in The Emery. Great news for the neighborhood!

OHSU Collaborative Sciences building is taking shape:

Some great photos were recently posted at Reportland Oregon:

And in related news, as it affects the research that will take place here, Phil and Penny Knight announced another huge donation, this one at $500M...if OHSU can match it.

Portland Milwaukie Light Rail:
We have just more 2 years to wait for the opening of the Portland-Milwaukie light rail bridge. You can continue to track the progress on Trimet's site.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Portlandia in the South Waterfront

Welcome back, Fred and Carrie!

Portlandia filmed in the area a few weeks back, with scenes shot around the Matisse and in the park.

Yesterday the crew returned, for a very full day of filming. They shot scenes at the Atwater, in the park at our favorite fountain, and in the corridor between the John Ross and the Mirabella.

Mazda Commercial

Last weekend we had a visit from the crew filming some new Mazda commercials. Here are some shots from the filming around our neighborhood on Saturday.

Setup and crew:

The models:  SUV, crossover and hatchback

Boom car:

Yesterday Portlandia returned for a full day of filming around the South Waterfront. What do you think about all the filming disruptions lately? Did you catch any great photos or video? Feel free to shoot me a message: sowablog @ gmail . com