Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grimm Ep304 "One Night Stand Portland filming locations

Naiad lore on nbc.com/grimm


"A lakeside murder investigation leads Nick and Hank to a water-dwelling, mermaid-like Wesen."Aired: Nov. 15, 9/8C

"Government Island"

Michael Welch of The Twilight Saga plays a major role in this episode. For more on Twilight filming locations in the area, check out: http://twilightgirlportland.com/twilight-filming-location-list/

"Anderson Marina"

This episode brings back flashbacks of Episode 209 "La Llorona", with the opener, the scenery and the lovely lady river creatures.

I believe the riverfront scenes were filmed at Sauvie Island standing in for Government Island.

Photo of filming from @AnnaMarie410
Anderson Marina from nbc.com/grimm

"Apartment 304"

I learned recently about how Grimm has started using the fictitious addresses to match the episode numbers… i.e. Apartment 304 on Episdoe 304.
Pool at Apt 304 from nbc.com/grimm


Friday, November 15, 2013

Grimm Ep303 "A Dish Best Served Cold" Portland filming locations

Grimm Episode 303 "A Dish Best Served Cold"

"A centuries-long feud brings an unpleasant pop of crime to Portland."
Aired: Nov. 8, 9/8C

Doctor's Office

After the turmoil of the last few weeks, Nick visits a doctor for a treadmill stress test. Nick has obviously been hitting the trails in Portland, as his heart rate and BP are not affected by increasing pace.

Raven & Rose

Monrosalee dine at Raven & Rose, share a touching moment and are offered a "petite beef and truffle tartlet" courtesy of the chef. Rosalee later discovers this is the Black Despair Mushroom, poisonous to Blutbad.

(I have seen angry pan-throwing chefs in Portland but not quite like this Wesen.)

There was a big buzz during filming... This was one of the most photographed couple of days of filming that I've observed. Here are a few user-generated shots from Aug 13:

David G on the steps at R&R - by @Grimm_Family

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grimm Ep302 "PTZD" Portland filming locations

Grimm Ep 302: PTZD

"While the gang tries to stop Zombie Nick's ruthless rampage and Renard exacts his revenge on Eric, Adalind works to restore her Hexenbiest powers."
Aired: Nov 1, 2013 - 9/8C

Zombie Nick is on the loose in farm country near Troutdale. The gang chases after him with a brief stop at Tippy's by the Captain and ladies; meanwhile Nick's buddies Monroe and Hank track him down at the farmhouse.

The farmhouse is hypothetically located at 642 Birmingham Rd. (There is one location in Vancouver, though not this farmhouse.) Did any of you run across this site during filming?

farmhouse on nbc.com/grimm
Barn fighting ensues, the gang subdues Nick and absconds to the Spice Shop.

Familiar locales:

Police Parking Garage:

Back to the yellow and white Montgomery Park parking garage, as in earlier seasons. It was first seen in Ep 13.

This is a brief post this week. I'm certain we will see much more of Portland in the coming weeks.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Grimm Season 3 Premiere

Welcome back Grimm!

Grimm Season 3 premiered on Friday with "The Ungrateful Dead". The series picked up where they left us dangling last season with lots of zombies in the container yard. Just another night here in Portland!

Chasing, fighting zombies.

Hank is back on two feet again. Did Juliette tell Hank on the phone: "I'm with Monrosalee..."?

Nick (now a zombie too) was kidnapped by the baron who tried to fly him to Europe.
Nick in coffin in plane - nbc.com/grimm 
The gang's all here at our beloved PDX.

Frau Pech lost her heart...hands...feet...and eyeballs to the charming Adalind and the gypsies. Gore. Magical poppy fields.
Poppies - nbc.com/grimm
Claire Coffee mentioned that the poppy field scenes were filmed on a disc golf course in the area. Perhaps Dabney Disc Golf Course near Troutdale?

Plane crash.

Nick escaped the wreckage and headed to Tippy's Canoe in Troutdale to cause a ruckus.
See photo and story at: http://www.oregonlive.com/movies/index.ssf/2013/10/grimm_season_3.html

The Grimm Gang gassed the zombies inside a container with one of Rosalee's antidotes, turning them back into regular people.

Outside of Tippy's scene & PDX, there was not a lot in the location department, but there promises to be much more coming soon!

Nick is still a zombie on the loose, and with hypersensitive hearing powers.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

South Waterfront Construction - Fall 2013

The Emery:
The newest residential building in the South Waterfront, The Emery apartments, is preparing to open soon. Originally slated for August, it is now set for October.  We also learned recently that Lovejoy Bakers will be opening a new location in The Emery. Great news for the neighborhood!

OHSU Collaborative Sciences building is taking shape:

Some great photos were recently posted at Reportland Oregon: http://reportlandoregon.wordpress.com/tag/ohsu-collaborative-life-science-building/

And in related news, as it affects the research that will take place here, Phil and Penny Knight announced another huge donation, this one at $500M...if OHSU can match it.

Portland Milwaukie Light Rail:
We have just more 2 years to wait for the opening of the Portland-Milwaukie light rail bridge. You can continue to track the progress on Trimet's site.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Portlandia in the South Waterfront

Welcome back, Fred and Carrie!

Portlandia filmed in the area a few weeks back, with scenes shot around the Matisse and in the park.

Yesterday the crew returned, for a very full day of filming. They shot scenes at the Atwater, in the park at our favorite fountain, and in the corridor between the John Ross and the Mirabella.

Mazda Commercial

Last weekend we had a visit from the crew filming some new Mazda commercials. Here are some shots from the filming around our neighborhood on Saturday.

Setup and crew:

The models:  SUV, crossover and hatchback

Boom car:

Yesterday Portlandia returned for a full day of filming around the South Waterfront. What do you think about all the filming disruptions lately? Did you catch any great photos or video? Feel free to shoot me a message: sowablog @ gmail . com

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Grimm Season 2 Finale - Portland filming locations


Episode 222 "Goodnight Sweet Grimm"

"As Juliette begins to fully embrace Nick's life as a Grimm, Eric Renard's undead plot threatens to bring all of Portland to a panicked halt. Meanwhile, Adalind makes a desperate push to get her powers back."
Aired: May 21, 10/9C

The Gregory

The Gregory Lofts in the Pearl...this is where Brother Renard has been hanging out in Portland, and entertaining The Baron.
420 NW 11th Ave
Gregory on nbc.com/grimm

Portland Aerial Tram

Old Town Pizza

222 NW Davis - www.oldtownpizza.com

St Johns
St Johns wins the prize for most into-it neighborhood during Grimm filming. Check out these videos of the filming.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New cart: Anton's Italian Kitchen opening today

Anton's Italian Kitchen is opening up today. Their shiny red cart is situated on the Moody Ave Food Dock between Rip City Grill and Taste of Mexico.

Newest food cart in the South Waterfront

Be sure to stop by this week to welcome them and try the newest cart to settle into our 'hood!  I look forward to hearing your reviews.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Barge launch Wed @ noon

Heads up!  Zidell barge launch is happening tomorrow! If you haven't heard yet, the red barge labeled "SHAVER" is set to take off "around noon".

Update Wed 5/22/13:

Photos from the launch here:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grimm Ep221 "The Waking Dead" Portland filming locations

Grimm Episode 221 "The Waking Dead"

"Nick and Hank rush to stop a dangerous man assembling an "undead army," as Monroe and Rosalee finally show Juliette their Grimm sides. In Vienna, Adalind tries to sell her unborn baby in exchange for her lost powers."
Aired: May 14, 10/9C

Another royal opening, Austrian streets, castles and ballrooms as Adalind and Brother Renard (Eric) try to get cozy. Once again, the Governor Hotel Library Room ceiling is on display, as in previous episodes.
Governor Hotel on nbc.com/grimm

A cool PDX timelapse video from up on The Hill ends with a view of the Ross Island Bridge, South Waterfront, and Mt Hood in the distance:
Timelapse Portland on nbc.com/grimm

Crime Scene

Nice advertising for Ryan Fritz Realtor? on nbc.com/grimm
The view across the street from the rental house crime scene is the back of St. Andrew Catholic Church. The filming location was at 4957 NE 8th Ave.

Across from crime house on nbc.com/grimm

St. Joseph's Hospital:

...Later on affectionately referred to by Wu as "St Joe's"
CCC as "St Joe's" on nbc.com/grimm

Monday, May 13, 2013

New cart coming soon

A new food cart was loaded onto the "Moody Dock Food Carts" recently. This bright red cart is positioned between the Taste of Mexico and Rip City Grill:
Awaiting more info!

In other news, what do you think of the new paint job on the Rip City Grill cart?


Friday, May 10, 2013

Grimm Ep220 "Kiss of the Muse" Portland filming locations

Musai menu sketch on nbc.com/grimm

Grimm Episode 220 "Kiss of the Muse"

"Nick falls victim to a muse-like Wesen who's dangerously captivating. Meanwhile, Juliette's feelings towards Nick intensify as her memories come back."
Aired: May 7, 10/9C

This was a great episode, traipsing around some familiar spots in Portland.

A local mention that you've probably never heard of: Monroe picked up some goods for dinner from "Shemanski Park outdoor market".... I had to look that one up. And is anyone familiar with these "veggie steaks" he speaks of?

Fullers on nbc.com/grimm

Fuller's Coffee Shop

136 NW 9th Ave
Hank is back from "vacation" sporting some high-tech crutches while his achilles heals. Nick and Hank meet up at Fuller's.  http://www.yelp.com/biz/fullers-coffee-shop-portland

Fullers Coffee Shop in the Pearl

"Nolen's Booksellers"

Interior: 128 NW 11th Ave
The Armory interior is recognizable, done over to look like a book store.

The Armory exterior on commons.wikimedia.org

Exterior: 1200 NW Naito Parkway
Everyone is talking about the inconsistency of this scene.  The Albers Mill building on Naito Parkway provided the exterior of the book store, and the jumping off point for Anton, into the Willamette River.
Anton jumps on nbc.com/grimm

Anton jumps on nbc.com/grimm

By the way, we've seen the Albers Mill location previously on Episode 202 "The Kiss"... Coincidence? "The Kiss" and "Kiss of the Muse".