Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grimm Ep304 "One Night Stand Portland filming locations

Naiad lore on nbc.com/grimm


"A lakeside murder investigation leads Nick and Hank to a water-dwelling, mermaid-like Wesen."Aired: Nov. 15, 9/8C

"Government Island"

Michael Welch of The Twilight Saga plays a major role in this episode. For more on Twilight filming locations in the area, check out: http://twilightgirlportland.com/twilight-filming-location-list/

"Anderson Marina"

This episode brings back flashbacks of Episode 209 "La Llorona", with the opener, the scenery and the lovely lady river creatures.

I believe the riverfront scenes were filmed at Sauvie Island standing in for Government Island.

Photo of filming from @AnnaMarie410
Anderson Marina from nbc.com/grimm

"Apartment 304"

I learned recently about how Grimm has started using the fictitious addresses to match the episode numbers… i.e. Apartment 304 on Episdoe 304.
Pool at Apt 304 from nbc.com/grimm