Sunday, October 26, 2014

Grimm Season 4 Premiere "Thanks for the Memories"

"With his Grimm powers gone and Captain Renard fighting for his life, Nick is forced to rely on Trubel when a menacing new Wesen comes to Portland." Aired 10/24/14 @ 9/8C.

Ep 401 Opener

Fleeing the wedding, Nick, Juliette, Hank and Trubel race back to the house, to the scene of the crime. Renard is rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Trubel calmly admits to beheading the intruder guy in self defense.
Photo @

Henry Slocum's House

A Secret Service agent turned B-613 agent on 'Scandal', actor Brian Letscher stepped in this week on Grimm to make a Wesen appearance as an octopus-head monster who steals people's memories.

The house is located in Irvington, near the Irvington Club...  Photo by @SBSOnTheRun:

Park view of St. John's Bridge

st john's bridge on

Fuller's Coffee

Also seen previously in Episode 220, Fuller's Coffee Shop is on NW 9th Ave, a few blocks from the police station.
Fuller's on

FBI Office

Looks like the FBI have set up offices in Portland, with a view of the Steel Bridge...

Other locations:

Who is she? on

Why we must watch again next week:

1. Renard is pronounced dead at the hospital...?!
2. Who is the mysterious blonde woman who showed up at Renard's death scene?
3. Nick has not regained his Grimm powers...


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ep 320 "My Fair Wesen" Portland filming locations

"Trubel continues her Grimm training with help from Monroe and Rosalee, but Nick can't keep her from diving into the action on his latest case." - Aired 5/2/14 @ 9/8C.

"They call me Trubel."
"She's a Grimm..."

Shoplifting at Mario's

A shoplifting family of Wesen girls runs through Mario's...Camilla runs into trouble.
Mario's at 833 SW Broadway
Mario's on

Hotel Deluxe

The Hotel Deluxe continues to make appearances each season of Grimm. This time, Renard drops Adalind off to play it safe at the hotel for awhile. (See also Episodes 113, 206, 212 and 213.)
729 SW 15th

Forest Park 

Camilla's body is found near the Lower Macleay Park trailhead.

New Beginnings foster home

A visit to Camilla's previous residence: 2260 SE Spruce Ave


O'Bryant Square

Nick, Hank and Trubel do a stake-out to find "Donna" in O'Bryant Square...Trubel comes in handy again.  (Previously seen in Ep 307.)

Shoplifters' Lair

Somewhere in the NW Industrial neighborhood...Trubel tracks down the shoplifting Wesen at their home.

Other Familiar Sites:

  • Police station
  • Nick & Juliette's 
  • Monroe's House


Grimm Ep 319 "Nobody knows the Trubel I've Seen" Portland filming locations

"Nick's world is turned upside down when he discovers that a young drifter named Trubel is actually another Grimm." - Aired 4/25/14 @ 9/8C.

Opener - Morrison Hotel Bar

The episode opens with Renard crying his eyes out at the Morrison Hotel with a drink and a napkin that says "Diana".

Morrison Hotel Bar - 719 Southeast Morrison Street
(Now the Bar Home.)

As Renard leaves, Westin tries again to take care of him but is thwarted by a bus (at the SE Morrison & 9th bus stop.)  (That's Grand Central Bowl in the background.)

In Comes Trubel

A girl trudges along a dark empty road by herself when she is attacked by 2 Wesen along St. Helen's Road...

Truck Found

The truck is found in "SE Industrial" area, in front of the Hampton Opera Center building on the eastbank - 211 SE Caruthers St .

Some nice shots in the backdrop of our new bridge - Tilikum Crossing.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Grimm Ep 316 "The Show Must Go On" Portland filming locations

"Nick investigates a mysterious murder at a Wesen carnival." Aired 3/21/14 @ 9/8C.

The Circus is in Town

Some sort of Wesen carnival is taking place at "Sellwood River Park"...Carnival Metamorphosia.

This was filmed at Oaks Park Amusement Park near Sellwood Riverfront Park.

Girls' House

The house with the unique roofline at #3333 SE 118th Ave.

exterior -

interior -
And Wu is back on the scene!

Meanwhile, Adalind and her Royal Baby are still running around the Swiss Alps, evading bad guys with Meisner.

And we're treated to a classic, creepy, clown house / mirror house finale, where the Wesen carnival performers team up to burn their ringmaster to a crisp.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grimm Ep 317 "Synchronicity" Portland filming locations

"Adalind returns to Portland with Nick's mother as her bodyguard." Aired 4/4/14 @ 9/8C.

Still Escaping

Adalind and baby are still trying to make their escape through the Swiss Alps and Meisner jumps out of a tree to take on multiple bad guys, only to return to the car and find Adalind and baby gone. But not to worry, Nick's Mom saves the day!

The Silver Fleet

The ladies take off in a shiny WWII plane called the Silver Fleet... and poor Meisner looks a little sad to say goodbye.

A photo of The Silver Fleet at Pearson Field in Vancouver, WA:

The Great Silver Fleet at Pearson Air Field (Image:

Did we just find out who the Daddy is???

Grimm Ep 402 "Octopus Head"

"As Trubel continues to track the Gedachtnis Esser, a mysterious woman comes to Captain Renard's aid and Adalind arrives in Vienna.Aired 10/31/14 @ 9/8C.

Ep 402 Opener

Hospital scene - Renard is revived by the mysterious blonde lady with the snake jumper cables.

Octopus Hotel (Timothy's hotel)

"Multnomah Hotel" - Embassy Suites by HIlton Portland Downtown

Kronenburg Castle 
Joseph Wood Hill Park, Rocky Butte - 3341 NE Rocky Butte Road, Portland

Drinking coffee on the Broadway Bridge

Bus Stations 
  • NW Marshall Street, between 9th St and 10th St
  • NE Sandy Boulevard and NE 66th Street

Who is she? on

Did we get answers?

1. Renard is pronounced dead at the hospital...?!
2. Who is the mysterious blonde woman who showed up at Renard's death scene?
3. Nick has not regained his Grimm powers...


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Grimm Ep 315 "Once We Were Gods" Portland filming locations

"While Sergeant Wu recovers from his Aswang encounter, Nick and Hank investigate the attempted theft of an Ancient Egyptian Wesen mummy ." Aired 3/14/14 @ 9/8C.


The story opens with construction workers discovering a hidden room filled with ancient Egyptian artifacts....meanwhile St. Wu is recovering from his encounter.

Luckily, a local professor at "Meriwether University" happens to be a world expert on ancient Egyptian archaeology. Professor Gates' lab is the lucky holding place for the newly found sarcophagus.

These scenes were filmed at the University of Portland in Sept/Oct, 2013.

Sarcophagus Stolen

Nick & Hank investigate -

Wu in the Hospital

At Legacy Meridian Park in Tualatin:
Wu trying to recover -

Cabin in the Woods

...where Adalind and her Royal Baby hide out.

Leach Botanical Gardens - 6704 SE 122nd Ave

For more location information, be sure to check out OldeSaultie's Grimm Season 3 map!