Friday, August 31, 2012

Grimm Ep 203 Portland filming locations

Season 2 Episode 3: "Bad Moon Rising"

Tonight's plot: "As Hank continues to seek help to cope with the inexplicable sighting he had, an old friend needs his help when his daughter goes missing,"
Aired: August 27, 10:00pm PST

Juliette remembers everything except Nick...

and Hank remembers way too much.

Carly's House 

So Hank has a god-daughter, and his god-daughter is a Coyotl. This could get interesting. Carly the Coyotl's home (Kampfer house) is on the eastside: 1234 SE Taylor St

Hayden's Apartment #203

609 SE Taylor St - Hayden's apartment looks a lot like the "Chaney Arms" apartments from Season 1 Episode 9.

Renicker Farm

They did some filming out at Roloff Farm in Hillsboro (23985 Northwest Grossen Drive) recently. The ficticious foreclosure flyer on the show says "Renicker Farm, Sawmill Rd".  However, the site used for filming was on NW Helvetia Rd.

Gilbertson's Machine Shop

Photos from on set filming at Belmont & 8th:
photo (c) sally filler
photo (c) sally filler

Hank's shrink and her office made an appearance on this episode. I don't have any info on this locale yet.

Back to some familiar spots:

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grimm Ep 202 Portland filming locations

Filming on Naito, June 16

Season 2 Episode 2: "The Kiss"

Tonight's plot: "Two Grimms are better than one, as Nick joins forces with his mother to take down his greatest threat yet."
Aired: August 20, 10:00pm PST

Last week's Premier was "to be continued", so we opened episode #2 mid-battle in the old lumber mill. Within minutes, we are treated to a gruesome half-arm hanging from the rafters. I think it was FBI lady's arm. Is it just me or this season much more gory than the last?!

Albers Mill 

The Albers Mill building on Naito Parkway made it's debut, gracefully filling in for "Treeview Hospital" in this episode. Filming took place there in mid-June (see above).
Albers Mill - photo (c) Sally F.
Treeview Hospital - photo (c) Sally F.
Fun fact: this is across the street from where Arthur was parked when he got the bad news in Episode 20 (Season 1).

Very lovely shot of Nick throwing his gun into the Willamette:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Meriwether Construction Zone

I feel sorry for our friends living in these boarded up buildings...I mean, the Meriwether.

They have survived weeks of jackhammers and untenable noise all day long, and now this...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Everclear in E.C. park tonight

Concerts and more concerts!

Last night, Toque Libre entertained the neighborhood with their acoustic Latin tunes. Good turnout, and lots of dancing, despite the hot, HOT weather. 


Coming up tonight, EVERCLEAR will be performing in Elizabeth Caruthers - Ecopalooza is a benefit concert for SOLVE, a local nonprofit cleaning up Oregon beaches. That's right, the concert begins at 2:30 with a group of local bands. We will get a nice bluegrass warmup until Everclear takes the stage at 7:30.

Fences set up early this morning
Stage setup begins
For those of you concerned about noise (it is difficult getting a baby... or yourself to bed, with a rock concert going on right outside your bedroom), they tell me the band will wrap up by 9:00.

On another note, how did we not know this was going on this weekend? I don't recall seeing any notices about it, although I looked back and did find a mention of it in the August e-Current. At any rate, enjoy the change in weather, enjoy the entertainment, enjoy the outdoors this weekend!

Update - Photo from the pre-show:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Waiting in line @ Block 49

You may have noticed, there are about 20 people lined up at Gray's Landing (Block 49), awaiting tomorrow's 10:00am opening for applications.  They will be here all night, and half of these folks have been lined up all day. 

They are looking to get first dibs on a unit in the new building, with prices ranging from $480 to $805. Apparently there are strict eligibility req's, including income restrictions and a screening criteria, including credit and criminal background checks.

The first woman in line has several kids and grandkids in the area, and is looking to get a 1 bedroom for $595. Another guy in line, suitcase in tow, claims he relocated here from Ohio just for this opportunity. They are a bit concerned about where to find the closest grocery store, particularly for those who do not drive. One gentleman is also concerned (rightly so) that the nearby gyms are out of his price range. 

MetroWatch Security guards will be on hand all night, but it is doubtful there will be any security concerns.  You can check out a live construction cam of the building here:

The Gray's Landing project is part of the REACH program, developing affordable housing around the Portland area.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

South Waterfront Greenway Construction

A View from the Water

Here are some current shots of the South Waterfront Greenway construction project. A friend and neighborhood resident captured these photos from out on the river last weekend.

For more on the South Waterfront Greenway project, visit:

Image from

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Grimm Season 2 Premiere filming locations

Grimm is back!

Grimm Season 2 Premiere: "Bad Teeth"

Story line: "Nick copes with the return of his thought-to-be- dead mother while racing to find a cure for comatose Juliette"
Aired: August 13, 10:00pm PST

Our Season 2 premiere opens with a flashback through the Season 1 finale, having left us with an epic battle, and an introduction to Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio as "the Woman in Black"... or "Mom" to Nick.


NBC revealed a new intro tonight, which I have so far heard referred to as "kinda cheesy", "Buffyized", and "too long, redundant"...more opinions on the new intro here.

In other NBC news, it looks like the NBC Grimm website has been given a refresh, new fonts, layout, etc.

Also, for you Grimm-stalkers in Portland, a little tip: the signs now say "O4B" instead of "GRIMM".
Grimm filming signs around Portland

Rail cars in storage, presumably at the "Portland Harbor" (literally a Superfund site on the Willamette south of town). 

Previous locations shown in this episode:
  • Flashback to Season 1 finale at Nick's house
  • Spice Shop
  • Adalind's mom's house - first seen in Season 1 Episode 17 (2939 NW Raleigh St)
  • Police Station
  • Aunt Marie's Trailer
  • Coroner's Office
  • Captain's Office
New locations:
Flash to a bridge, the Astoria-Megler Bridge in Astoria, OR.

Photo: wikipedia 

A Jail (where Kumora is being held)

Old plant/factory site - this looks like the site used in previous Season 1 episodes 12 & 17

The FBI agents get into some trouble here. By the way, the lady FBI agent is local Portland actress, Katie O'Grady.

So Adalind is missing, still on the run...

Hey, if you need to get caught up, the Season 1 DVD's are now available:
(Thanks Adele)

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mobile Grooming?

Seen outside the Riva this week: Otto's Mobile Grooming (OMG!)  Hmm... how does this work?

 A closer look finds, yes, they will groom your pet right there inside the van!

For more information: 
"For questions, or to book an appointment, call (503) 283-2000, or email us at"