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Q: Why do I have a Film & TV page here?
A: The South Waterfront has hosted a number of movie, TV and commercial filming events in the neighborhood over the past few years. Many of you are interested and searching for this type of information. So here it is, a compilation of posts related to such things...Grimm, Leverage, and others.

I continue to post on the Portland filming locations for each episode of Grimm (even though they are beyond the South Waterfront), due to the high level of interest and excitement from all of you.

'Grimm' on NBC:
Grimm Index of Episodes
Grimm Season 1 Map
Grimm Season 2 Map
On Set of Grimm at OHSU
Grimm Filming Announcement - South Waterfront

'Leverage' on TNT - (Season 4, Finale "The Queen's Gambit"):
Leverage episode airs Sunday night (Aug 28, 2011)
Leverage filming in South Waterfront (June 6, 2011)
TV show Leverage moves in (June 5, 2011)

Portlandia in the South Waterfront (Sept. 2013)
"Celery", Season 4, Episode 3 (Spring 2014) - Sketch: "A fed up office worker wants to become a gutter punk." Filmed in the Elizabeth Caruthers park with a few shots at food carts, railroad tracks, and parking area on Moody Ave.
"Timid Driver", Season 4, Episode 5 (Spring 2014) - Sketch: "Peter fails Nance during a medical emergency." The ER entry is filmed at the Atwater entrance on SW River Parkway.

Commercials & Ads: Commercial (June 2015)
Mazda Commercial (Sept. 2013)
Nike photoshoot in the park (July 21, 2011)
Nike commercial shoot Oct. 5 (Oct. 5, 2011)
Lights camera action this week (June 7, 2009)
Misc. others

'Extraordinary Measures'
Movie starring Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, Keri Russell, filmed at OHSU. (I nearly forgot about this one.)
On the lookout for Indiana Jones (Apr 3, 2009)
Filming in Westmoreland (Apr 17, 2009)


  1. Loving all the Grimm details. Looking for the location of the round house in The Three Little Pigs. It looks so familiar. Any ideas?

  2. Hi, and thanks for the question. We have a tip on the geodesic home location. See my update on Episode 6:

  3. I'm sure this question has been answered somewhere but I just can't find it....what is location of Monroe's house?

  4. Adele, post coming soon on this topic. Located relatively close to the south waterfront.

  5. I found it after some trawling around on Streetview. certainly looks different to the house featured in Grimm! I wonder when that beautiful rhododendron bush got cut down? Hopefully not when the location scout found it! ;)

    1. (Hmmm...actually I think it's a camellia bush.)

  6. Great blog, love being able to find the locations featured in Grimm. Thanks for all the hard work!

  7. Great blog!It's nice to have a place where Grimm fans can share filming location info.
    Has anyone been able to figure out the exact location of Aunt Marie's trailer?It looks llke the general vicinity is in NW Portland near the Fremont Bridge.
    When I was around the end of of NW 17th near the river there looked like a few possible lot type locations.

    1. Thanks for the comment, zachy!
      Yes, I think you're close. The trailer is supposedly off Thurman by the Dockside Bar. Send me a photo if you find it!

  8. On the subject of filming in your area...we watched the movie "Spiral" last night...have you ever seen it? Quirky and intriguing little indie movie starring Joel David Moore and Zachary Levi...all shot on location in Portland. :)

  9. I simply LOVE the paint colors inside Nick and Juliette's home! Does anyone.have.any idea how I could find out the interior paint colors? Thanks!!

  10. Yeah, I have watched some movies and ads that featured South Waterfront. A pretty place actually, if only my television didn't suddenly blur! An urgent replacement soon!Allison

  11. I just found this website. Weekends hubster and I love looking for Grimm spots as we go around doing our thing. Terrific to be able to come home and check if we were right. Thank you for maintaining this!

  12. I am arriving in Portland on July 24th. I'm coming to visit the amazing locations I've only read about. I'm also hoping to visit locations where Grimm is filmed. What are the odds of actually seeing them shooting or seeing the actors? I love Grimm and can't wait to see Portland. Thank you for any help.

  13. August 1st and 2nd? Old Town - China Town around the Ducks Store

  14. This is cool, Thank you! I look foreword to your updates. Oh and just for information, also filmed in and around Portland was Animal House, The Hunted, Into The Wild and Untraceable.