Saturday, January 18, 2014

Grimm Ep309 "The Red Menace" Portland filming locations

"Nick delves in the world of Russian healers, while Juliette helps an abused friend." Aired 1/3/14 @ 9/8C

Opening Shot…

 Anyone familiar with this location?

Healer's House

The Bitar Mansion in Laurelhurst was used for this shot.

Adalind and the Captain meet up

 Which little Portland cafe served as this Viennese spot?


Huber's Cafe - Portland's older restaurant
Huber's on

Hank visits the PT

Other sites:


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Grimm Ep 307 & 308 "Cold Blooded / 12 Days of Krampus" Portland filming locations


Adalind meets Prince Victor, Sean & Eric's cousin. That famous ceiling returns - from the library room in the Governor Hotel.
governor hotel library room on 

Himber House

Scott returns to his NE Portland home to find a huge Wesen (played by former NFL player Matthew Willig).
timber house on

Evening filming - photo on Instagram
More filming - on twitter
This brings back a flashback of Episode 108 involving another huge Wesen...

Sewer Inspection

14th & Quimby - Poor Jimmy gets sent down into the dark scary sewer and doesn't come back alive or intact.

What? Nick is growing a beard?! He really is turning Portland.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Grimm Ep306 "Stories We Tell Our Young" Portland filming locations

Grimm Episode 306 "Stories We Tell Our Young"

"Nick suspects a Wesen connection when a priest is murdered during an exorcism ceremony." Aired: 12/6 @ 9/8C

St James Church

Filming of the opening scene took place at St James Lutheran Church located at 1315 SW Park Ave. The church is 125 years old and on the National Register of Historic Places.

The attempted exorcism of a little boy was interrupted when he turned Wesen and attacked the priest and seminary student.

Hospital Rooms 

The boy and the seminary student were sent to "St Joseph's Hospital" after the incident. It looks like Good Sam's Hospital played host to Grimm again.

Familiar sites:

  • Police station
  • Spice Shop - MonRosalee explain the Wesen birds and bees.
  • Nick & Juliette's - Juliette racks her brain about parasites.

Daniel's House & Daniel's Fort

The team ends up out at Daniel's house, chasing Daniel out the back door through the forest to his fort. This location looks like it opens into Forest Park…anyone have insight on this location filming?

Thanks to Juliette's veterinary expertise, the parasite mystery is solved, the offending parasite dies when the boy best hypothermia, and then the boy is cured.


Grimm Ep305 "El Cucuy" Portland filming locations

GRIMM EPISODE 305 "El Cucuy"

"Nick and Hank battle a powerful, vengeful Wesen who is determined to clean up the mean streets of Portland by murdering street thugs."  Aired: Nov. 29, 9/8C

Cosmic Gas Station Robbery

The first robbery took place at Astro Station on NW 21st across from St Mark's. 

Minimart Robbery

A 2nd robbery takes place at a Mexican minimart, and ensuing deaths of the robbers outside.


A woman hops off the 75 bus at the base of the St. John's Bridge, and is attacked while walking through Cathedral Park, but saved by a mysterious creature, who she refers to as…El Cucuy.

Ray Bolton's House #3508

Ray's house and a nearby street where Flores was roughed up that evening - I think this was filmed in the Mississippi neighborhood, near N Fremont & N Commercial

A couple of other locations of note in this episode:

  • Pilar's House
  • Lady Cucuy's House #305