Monday, July 16, 2012

Dr. Oz in the House

Taking parking seriously @ OHSU CHH
Dr. Mehmet Oz stopped by OHSU today to tell us how we (Portland) are doing healthwise. 

It turns out Portland is surprisingly obese but doing better than expected in diabetes...or at least these are the highlights as told to me by an OHSU cardiologist who attended the event. Our biggest problem is high blood pressure and a bi-modal distribution -- one group with a highly active lifestyle and healthy fresh foods, and another without.

From the KATU report:
"After Oz gave a few people physicals, he delivered his diagnosis for Portland, based on the results of Monday's approximate 500 health screenings. 

Oz said the No. 1 issue in Portland is hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. he said 40 percent of the people who showed up Monday had high blood pressure, up from the 25 percent health screeners expected. 

Oz said hypertension is the No. 1 cause of aging and the No. 1 cause of death in America. He said the results were the tales of two cities. The first -- people perhaps with more money who can access the bike trails and gyms. The second? Those who cannot. Maybe they're uninsured and non connecting with a healthy lifestyle and fresh produce."

The Mirabella crew captured some very nice pictures here on their Facebook page:

Dr Oz up close and personal, via Mirabella Facebook page

A few more shots here:
Dr. Oz in the CHH Atrium

Dr. Oz in the CHH Atrium
Taking parking very seriously under the I-5 overpass on Moody Ave

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