Sunday, October 28, 2012

Portland locations on Grimm Ep 209: La Llorona

Grimm Episode 209: "La Llorona"

"A series of horrifying child abductions make their way to Portland."
Aired Oct 26, 9/8C

Portland Actors

A bunch of local Portland actors, 15 at least, appeared in this week's episode.  See Cast Iron Studios casting website for photos.

St. John's Bridge

St. John's Bridge on
This was a bridge episode. NBC Grimm loves the St. Johns Bridge! (See episodes 5 and 9.)

This was also the most horrifying opening scene yet...and possibly the scariest episode. A boy is abducted at Cathedral Park, under the St. John's Bridge. (By the way, do people actually kayak here as portrayed in the show?)
Film crew at Cathedral Park - courtesy S. Filler

Filming under the bridge - courtesy S. Filler

Rafael's House

On the corner of Saint Louis St. in St. John's area.
Filming on St. Louis - courtesy S. Filler

Rafael's house -

Sauvie Island State Park

A halloween party (where children are roaming around the woods in costume) at "Sauvie Island State Park" is the scene of the 2nd child abduction. Sauvie Island is not actually a state park, although there is a Sauvie Island Wildlife Area owned by the State of Oregon.

Kelly Point

"The confluence of two rivers..."

A good deal of set preparation went into these scenes at Kelly Point Park. La Llorona's house was partially built of foam. See photos below taken during filming:
La Casa de La Llorona - courtesy S. Filler

La Casa de La Llorona - courtesy S. Filler
Foam house set at Kelly Pt - courtesy S. Filler
Dock at Kelly Pt - courtesy S. Filler
Apple Maps points out the confluence of the 2 rivers, targeting the spot where La Llorona intends to drown the children.
Success with the Apple Maps view? on

Halloween at Monroe's House

The Grimm crew went all out to prepare Monroe's house for this Halloween episode.
Monroe's Halloween House - courtesy S. Filler

Monroe's - courtesy S. Filler

Monroe, Nick & crew - courtesy S. Filler

Those were some scary costumes worn by Monroe's trick or treaters... but not as scary as La Llorona trying to drown Nick in the river at the end of the episode...and then disappearing.

Familiar scenes this week:

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