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Grimm Ep 318 "The Law of Sacrifice" Portland filming locations

"Renard's Royal half-brother, Viktor, arrives in Portland to stake his claim on Adalind's baby once and for all, but Nick and his mother have a plan." Aired 4/11/14 @ 9/8C.

Baby Times with Captain Renard

Adalind and Baby cozy up with Captain Renard in his condo, #1605 for those who are keeping track.

Filmed at The Pinnacle condos in the Pearl which were new at the time of filming - ​1255 NW 9th Ave

From Austria to Portland 

From Austria, the Verrat call in reinforcements in Portland to take care of the Adalind & Baby situation.

And pretty soon EVERYONE is showing up at Renard's place...Nick, Mom, Westin, Verot...


Monroe's House

After a run-in with the Verrat, Nick and Mom abscond with Adalind and Baby in order to hide her in Monroe's house.

A quick swing by Nick & Juliette's to tell Hank about Adalind.


Viktor and his private jet arrive.


Police Station

Where Renard hands over the baby to Viktor...

...only later to take her back, jumping Viktor at the airport with his posse (Nick, Hank, Monroe, Rosalee) dressed up as the Resistance.

And eventually Nick's Mom drives off into the Oregon countryside with the magical little purple-eyed bundle of joy.

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