Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend news: May 3

The Storm: We were out running around Oaks Bottom when we got caught in a Saturday morning downpour. A few hours later, we witnessed the big storm from the windows of our condo. It blew in within a matter of minutes, and so quickly that the sailboats on the river had no time to escape. It looked like a bunch of them went over. We immediately heard sirens and watched the emergency vehicles show up down at the John's Landing docks, by land and by sea. It was 10-15 minutes later that the local TV station sent out a severe weather alert.

Strangely enough, the Dallas Cowboys training facility was collapsing at the same was very odd to be watching national news coverage of the storm damage there while watching our own out the window.

Here are a few images of the damage to the Bows to Plows exhibit on the SWF, which I mentioned in a recent post.

Arrest at the Street Car: A man was removed from the street car on Sunday afternoon at the OHSU stop, and handcuffed by several Portland police wearing blue rubber gloves. I have no idea whether blue rubber gloves are part of the standard protocol. It appeared that the man was under the influence of something. If you have wondered about the response time for a SWF incident, the good news is that 3 Portland police cars were on the scene immediately.

Cinco de Mayo: Cinco de mayo festivities are going on at the waterfront downtown. Music, food, and a complete carnival, which I will not be getting a closer look at. Also the new Saturday Market expansion is open and in action.

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