Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Review of our local neighborhood workout facilities

I try to keep my posts on the positive, but I'll be honest, I have not been thrilled with our nearby gym options. Here is a quick review of workout/fitness center options near the South Waterfront, in no particular order:

1. March Wellness located in the OHSU building - AKA March Madness, as in I would be mad if I worked out there. We did give it a 2 week trial. Minuses: Crowded, low light, awkward spaces, expensive. Pluses: Convenient, pool, multitude of programs and group classes. (Update July 2011: new MW layout and design is a big win. Lighting is great. My new favorite!)

2. Ardea "gym" - AKA bathroom sized, street-view cubby with wall-facing treadmills. Is there another place in town where you can run completely facing a white wall? Workout facility rule #1 - don't put treadmills facing the wall. I actually don't know if it is even open to non-Ardea residents.

3. Riverplace Athletic Club - It used to be a Y. Layout was strange, and I thought the downstairs weight rooms were Kind of Scary. In its favor, it does have one of the better pool/swim workout options. Could not easily find out how much a membership cost - had to set up a meeting during 9-5 on a M-F to discuss $.

4. I met a guy in the elevator who works out at 24 hour fitness downtown. The strange thing was that he was carrying his workout gear in his arms without a bag.

5. Willamette Athletic Club up on Macadam - Website, yikes! Url is weird... moonfruit? Anyways, based solely on the view from the road, I am not brave enough to try it. I like my gyms to be clean and up to date. I don't like a den of old guys sitting around shooting the breeze...(that's just a rumor from a triathlete friend of ours.) But it does have a lap pool.

I guess this was more of a rant than a review. I've got strong opinions about these things...but I'm willing to listen to some counter-arguments and/or recommendations.

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