Friday, July 29, 2011

10 outdoor activities starting from the South Waterfront

Here are a few suggestions for enjoying the summer weather, no car required!

1. The 4 T Trail: Trolley, Train, Trail & Tram

Note: If it's a Sunday, make sure the Tram is running before you head out.

2. Take the streetcar to the PSU farmers' market on Saturday morning.  I enjoy taking the streetcar in to the market, then wandering home through downtown, to the river, and back along the waterfront.

3. Run the waterfront trails - From the South Waterfront to the Sellwood Bridge and around to the east side of the river you can find 8, 10 and 12 mile loops.

4. Bike the Springwater Corridor

5. Relax and enjoy Ali Hour @ the Aqua Riva ... OR join the South Waterfront regulars hitting the Aqua Riva patio on Friday afternoons.

6. Kayak around Ross Island - Rent kayaks from Portland Kayak Company

7. Get out and play at Willamette Park. I've seen all of the following in the park: boating, jet skiing, sailing, kayaking, picnics, walking a dog/child, biking, running, playing soccer, frisbee football, playgrounds, play dates, working on a laptop, practicing tight rope walking, world's longest hopscotch, sun bathing, wedding receptions, ....

8. Outdoor concerts in the park @ Willamette Park, Sellwood Park, and right here in our front yard @ Elizabeth Caruthers Park

9.  Ride your bikes up to Cartlandia food carts to check out South Waterfront-er Roger Goldingay's newest development.  OregonLive: roger_goldingay_approaching_op

10. Join your friends and neighbors on your balconies, patios and rooftops to BBQ and soak up the Portland summer sun and breeze.

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