Wednesday, July 13, 2011

South Waterfront Neighborhood Crime Review

Portland Police Bureau has a tool called CrimeMapper which is "an easy to use neighborhood crime mapping tool that creates maps of reported crime in Portland".

You can subscribe to their monthly updates to receive an email newsletter providing a review of neighborhood crimes, such as the following:

In the half mile radius around the SWF, there were 11 crimes reported in June, and 10 in the month of May.  However, looking at just the SWF area east of I-5, there were 4 in June:  Disorderly Conduct, June 13, 8:30am, Fraud, June 9, 12:00pm, Theft from Auto & Vandalism, June 20 & June 30 respectively.  In May only 1 crime was reported (Disorderly Conduct).

Using the CrimeMapper search tool (, a search for the SWF data over the last 12 months yielded the following:

Based on this data, it looks like the majority of SWF issues over the past 12 months have involved some form of Theft, or Disorderly Conduct, and a smattering of other crimes.

Another site for exploring neighborhood data is, which offers an interactive map and a rich set of data, including traffic stops & emergency calls.

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