Monday, August 1, 2011

New Food Cart: Taste of Gyro

A new food cart popped up overnight on SW Moody: Taste of a Gyro, "your neighborhood Greek spot". The cart was previously located at A La Carts in SE Portland, and offers an "I'm sorry" sauce which was featured on the food network.

The gyros were tasty, and service was swift and friendly.

Taste of a Gyro joined the other 3 carts currently located in the SWF, all on Moody: Rip City Grill (local fave), Let's Eat Thai Food, and Kai's Kitchen.

The Hot Pink Taco Truck was hanging around the SWF for a few weeks around the time of the Leverage filming, but I haven't seen them for a month or so. The last I saw, they were by the Atwater tanking up with water from the SWF Community Garden water hose... which I must say is probably looked down upon by the gardeners and did not go unnoticed by the Atwater residents.

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