Sunday, August 14, 2011

New overpass sign, I5 shutdowns, Dahlias

 I was out of town all week, soaking up the scorching rays of southern Idaho. In the meantime, several changes in the SWF...

New overpass signage went up on I5.
Heads up for Aug 16-18 (7:30pm-4:30am): I5 N exit 299B and I405 N exit 1A will be closing for additional work on this signage. You can find more details on the schedule on the Gibbs Bridge website.

Another heads up for South Waterfront residents, also from the Gibbs site: 
"Lair Hill and South Waterfront residents can expect night time noise including noise from trucks and cranes, lights powered by generators, and high powered drills. With I-5 traffic detoured to SW Hood Avenue and SW Macadam Avenue, noise from moving vehicles may be more noticeable for nearby residents. 

The most noise is expected between 1:00 and 3:00 am when crews set the sign bridge into position and attach it to the supports."

A quick shot of the current progress on the Gibbs St pedestrian bridge:

In progress around the neighborhood: the barge is painted black and...
the Old House Dahlias are starting to pop.

What else did I miss? Send me a message or comment here if you've seen anything noteworthy this past week.

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