Sunday, November 18, 2012

Grimm Portland filming locations Ep 211 "To Protect & Serve Man"

Grimm Episode 211: "To Protect and Serve Man" 

"Seven years after he arrested a man for murder, Hank enlists Nick to reopen the unusual case with the hope of saving the man from being executed."
Aired Nov 9, 9/8C

"1501 SE Pine St"

The episode opened with a flashback from 7 years before: a house fight, crime scene, chase through a neighborhood jumping fences, and... chickens! Did anyone recognize the "Amelia Land Antiques" sign?

US Courthouse

Nice walking scene downtown by the courthouse.

Dysons' House

This bright blue house is located right behind the ReBuilding Center (see Willamette Builders' Supply below).
Filming 9/27 - photo courtesy S. Filler

photo courtesy S. Filler

photo courtesy S. Filler

Death Row

Nope, none here in Portland. No death rows. The Grimm Portland Tribune is featured with a cover story about the upcoming execution.

We also saw a quick shot of a Portland Marathon sign.

And a brief sidetrack to some user-generated content for those of you interested in that sort of thing:

Mill Park Grab 'N Go Convenience Mart

The Cherry Sprout Produce, located at 722 N Sumner St, filled in for the Mill Park Grab 'N Go. Filming took place at the Cherry Sprout on Oct. 1.
photo courtesy S. Filler

Kreske's House

Forest Grove... Very creepy house, fitting location for a guy cooking a human foot in his soup. (Filming location is of yet unidentified.) Little tip: Never crawl down into a cannibal's crawl space.

Willamette Builders' Supply

Also Forest Grove, also fictional.
Back to the ReBuilding Center on Mississippi. Remember Marty the Mouse from Season 1 Episode 9?

Other interior shots included: Public attorney's office and the Prison. Thanks to a reader (below) for the tip about the Wapato Jail facility. It was used for the death row and prison scenes. 

Familiar scenes this week:

  • Police Station
  • Renard's Condo
  • Nick & Juliette's House
  • Trailer
  • Spice Shop: In this episode, Renard refers to it as "a shop in the Pearl" on Fulton St... which does sound much cooler than "a shop in Old Town on 2nd".
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  1. I was an extra in this episode. The prison and death row scenes were filmed at the unopened Wapato Jail facility.