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Grimm Episode 9 Portland filming locations

Marty the Mouse - photo from
Grimm Episode 9 "Of Mouse and Man"
On this week's episode: "When a man is found dead in a dumpster, the investigation leads to a sly snake and a timid mouse."
Aired: Friday, Jan. 20, 9/8c

Bridge of the Week: The show opens with a shot of the St. Johns Bridge as a backdrop to our weekly Papyrus font quote (intended to frame each week's story). 

The first crime is a murder taking place in a parking garage under a brick apartment complex. This is fictionally located at '841 SE Long St' and the sign on the building reads "Chaney Arms Apartments".
Shot from
OregonLive reports this location as the "Wellesley Apartments on SE 15th".  Looks accurate:
Photo from GoogleMaps - 829 SE 15th Ave
A reader reports the apartment building is actually the "Melcliff Apartments" at 11th & Morrison. Hmm....
From GoogleMaps - 711 SE 11th
Next, the cops head over to investigate a tip at a "junkyard over on the east side". It was a matter of time before Mississippi Ave made an appearance on Grimm. It seems The ReBuilding Center (shown at right) at 3625 N. Mississippi Ave was perfectly TV-ready to play "Marty's Junkshop". Filming took place in the middle of October.
Photo Courtesy of Sally Filler
The investigation continues, leading the team to the "Law Office of Mason Snyder", an ambulance-chasing attorney (who is also a snake-like creature). This was filmed at the Portland Bahai Center in mid-October. (At some point later in the show, I think they referred to this location as "a building on Grand".)
Mason Snyder in his Law Office - photo from

Other Portland locations -- Still need some help filling in the blanks:
  • Dumpster #1 in a big lot possibly out by St. Johns
  • Back to the Police Station
  • Back to Aunt Marie's Trailer under the Fremont Bridge

  • 'Tempus Fugit' office building where Monroe gets beat up --> Tip from a reader: this may be the "old Portland Police North Precinct at 7214 N Philadelphia, just off the St Johns Bridge"
  • Apartments under the St. Johns Bridge
  • Quick shot of the Steel Bridge
Lincoln Restaurant
Mouse boy takes Natalie out to dinner at Lincoln Restaurant on Williams St. Lincoln Restaurant wins the prize for creepiest scene of the episode, when Marty starts hallucinating that every person there is his scary mouse-creature father.
Filming at Lincoln Restaurant - Photo Courtesy of Sally Filler
  • Ensuing car chase scene gives us a glimpse of a Russell St sign
  • Another reference to fictional location - '742 Germantown Rd'

"Here in Portland"
It was strange that the characters referenced a number of specific yet fictional addresses (at least 3 times) during this episode. The addresses were plausible, actual streets, just not accurate. This was much more evident that in past episodes, particularly last week's episode (Game Ogre), where the writers were set on identifying the city by name... Hey everyone, filming really does take place "here in Portland"!

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  1. The building where Monroe gets beat up is the old Portland Police North Precinct at 7214 N Philadelphia just off the St Johns Bridge. I believe the police still use it as some kind of a training facility !


    Bill Prescott

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