Thursday, May 9, 2013

Grimm Ep219 "Endangered" Portland filming locations

Glowing Wesen on

Grimm Episode 219 "Endangered"

"Mysterious cow mutilations put Nick on a case that forces him to question the existence of aliens within the Wesen world."
Aired: April 30, 10/9C

Finally, an episode featuring the quintessential Oregon pastoral scene. Green rolling farmland...

And then... mysterious cattle deaths... and a pregnant woman eating bloody cow entrails harvested by her blue alien husband?!  So gross.

The main scenes in this episode were filmed at the "Hadley Ranch" site, located in Hillsboro on NW Groveland Rd.

Hadley Ranch on

The barn scene, (pregnant lady eating cow guts), was located nearby on NW Jackson Quarry Rd.

Barn on
The blue baby birthing scene in a cabin...any ideas on the cabin location?
Cabin on

You can explore the Grimm 2 Map by OldeSaultie for these locations. They may bring back memories of similar scenery from Episode 3, filmed nearby in Helvetia.

This week was otherwise light on location spotting. We got another scene in Monroe's cool attic, and the inside of a forensics lab.

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  1. The third photo shows the south side of a cabin at the site of the former (now empty) PGE Roselyn Lake Day Camp near Sandy OR. The property was also the outdoor set of the more famous Grimm cabin; built nearby and then dismantled.