Friday, August 31, 2012

Grimm Ep 203 Portland filming locations

Season 2 Episode 3: "Bad Moon Rising"

Tonight's plot: "As Hank continues to seek help to cope with the inexplicable sighting he had, an old friend needs his help when his daughter goes missing,"
Aired: August 27, 10:00pm PST

Juliette remembers everything except Nick...

and Hank remembers way too much.

Carly's House 

So Hank has a god-daughter, and his god-daughter is a Coyotl. This could get interesting. Carly the Coyotl's home (Kampfer house) is on the eastside: 1234 SE Taylor St

Hayden's Apartment #203

609 SE Taylor St - Hayden's apartment looks a lot like the "Chaney Arms" apartments from Season 1 Episode 9.

Renicker Farm

They did some filming out at Roloff Farm in Hillsboro (23985 Northwest Grossen Drive) recently. The ficticious foreclosure flyer on the show says "Renicker Farm, Sawmill Rd".  However, the site used for filming was on NW Helvetia Rd.

Gilbertson's Machine Shop

Photos from on set filming at Belmont & 8th:
photo (c) sally filler
photo (c) sally filler

Hank's shrink and her office made an appearance on this episode. I don't have any info on this locale yet.

Back to some familiar spots:

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  1. I loved this episode - it came as quite a relief that Hank is finally "clued in" about what's going on. :)

  2. And you might also be gratified to know that as of episode 4 they've dropped the annoying voiceover on the opening titles. Seems like they listened to the fans. ;D