Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grimm Episode 13 Portland filming locations

Titus Welliver (from 'Lost') guest stars
Grimm Episode 13: "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau"
This week: "The search for a murder suspect leads to powerful rare coins and answers to Nick's past."

For all of you location trackers, this was a rare episode containing:
-- No bridge shots
-- No forest scenes
-- No fabulous locations
If you have followed the show, and my previous location posts, you know we can usually expect at least one of the above.  In fact, it seems like this episode's locations were primarily re-used from previous episodes (Episodes 10 & 11). Location scout on vacation this week? Bad weather got you down? Or maybe they are trying to bring more focus onto the characters and back stories, without the distraction (oh wonderful distraction) of attractive Oregon scenery? But we love the Oregon scenery!

Three bad guys camp out in an old neighborhood house; they rob a jewelry store...and then are murdered. The house used in filming is right next door to the old 'Everybody's Garden Center' on SE Clinton.

Bertram Estate Jewelry
A storefront in Old Town is the scene of the crime. Three bad guys break in and an old shopkeeper is killed in his vault, but not before he can swallow 3 mysterious old coins.
Photo during filming in October

This was filmed at the same location which was used as the spice merchant shop in Episode 10 - @ 205 NW Couch in the historic Rich Building.

(You can glimpse the pink and blue neon sign in the background, as well as a shot of Spyce gentlemen's club on the corner.)

Police Station
Watch for a local teen Natalie Hill making an appearance as an extra in the police station (blonde wig, purple scarf). Here's the Facebook page about Natalie, her fight against cancer, and her "bucket list". Also a KGW clip.

Other scenes: the morgue, Nick & Juliet's house, and Aunt Marie's trailer.

Captain Renard's Condo
Our first glimpse of the captain's digs and his crazy Hitler-like aspirations as he looks out over the condo balcony to a square full of adoring people. Is this The Encore condos again?  We saw The Encore in Episode 11 "Tarantella", and I've been hearing reports that there has been continuous filming there for awhile.

Hotel Deluxe
Bad guy gives himself a makeover of sorts in his room at the Hotel Deluxe (729 SW 15th Ave). The officers eventually return to investigate.
Dirty Parking Garage
I'm not sure which dirty old parking garage this final scene was filmed in.
Montgomery Park parking garage was used for the filming of the final scene. (Thanks to a reader for the tip!)

Maybe it was the old parking garage ending, or the gaping hole in our typically location-spotting-filled experience, but I have to say that this episode felt like a bit of a dud. I know I was supposed to be intrigued by the deeper look into the Captain's life, Nick's family secrets as somewhat-revealed by Titus Welliver AKA Aunt Marie's Ex (didn't catch his name), and the overall plot thickening, so to speak. However, it felt just a bit ho hum.

But there is hope - next week promises dragons and kidnappings!

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  1. The old parking garage is at Montgomery Park. The people that work in MP park there.