Sunday, February 5, 2012

Grimm Episode 10 Portland filming locations

Grimm Episode 10 "Organ Grinder" 
On this week's episode: "Nick and Hank investigate the murder of a teenager, and the stakes are raised when two vagrant teens are abducted."
Aired: Friday, Feb. 3, 9/8c

Location highlights this week: Old Town, Chinatown

The Gorge
The episode opened with another dark, wooded forest chase, this one leading to a crime scene in a river with a waterfall backdrop.
I'm not sure where in the Gorge this particular waterfall is located. Is it real? Anyone recognize it?
Back at the police station, the river drowning location is described by Detective Griffin as "the river above Triple Falls" near Sandy, which he points out on a map:
Sandy, OR was also a location for filming in Episode 4, "Lonelyhearts".

Old Town / Chinatown
Most of the rest of the scenes were filmed in Old Town / Chinatown. The Grimm film crew camped out in the parking lot of 4th & Davis (in front of Davis St Tavern) during the 2nd week of November.
  • Post Office: The detectives visit a post office downtown where they learn the location of the streetgirl who sells bracelets.
  • Saturday Market area: We see various (sunny) shots of Ankeny Square and the Skidmore Fountain where the streetkids hang out.
Arches at Ankeny Square -
  • Folter Clinic - a fictitious "free clinic on 15th"
  • Mountain View Diner - filming in storefront also on Couch St
  • Oregon Leather Company sign - According to the Vintage Roadside blog, this sign was actually restored for the filming.
  • A dark rainy lot where the streetkids are abducted by evil health clinic workers.

Clues in a Wallet
A gruesome automobile accident reveals the organ harvesting and trafficking pipeline. Detective Griffin discovers some clues in the accident drivers' wallet:

  • Registration to a "Smartcar in Tillamook" - Are there Smartcars in Tillamook? Highly doubtful there are many, but hey.
  • Coupon for "1 free pizza at Gianni's" - never heard of it
  • Drivers license address on Finlayson Rd, Portland, OR - nope, not a real place

"21343 Murtaugh Rd"

Griffin gets an address from the phone of the driver of the accident. How many of you google map-ed this address to find this plausible, yet non-Streetview-able, rural location 15 miles north of Hillsboro? 

The chalet-style house used in filming was perfect for a Hansel and Gretel-ish setting:
Following the theme of Hansel and Gretel, this terrible place of organ harvesting is the Witch's House. Instead of breadcrumbs, our characters, Hansen and Gracie (Daryl Sabara and Hannah Marks), leave puka shells to mark their path.

Other locations and mentions:
  • Typical Police Station scenes
  • Once again to Aunt Marie's Trailer under the Fremont Bridge
  • Overflight view of (again, sunny) downtown Portland
  • The streetkid characters on the show are from Pocatello, ID and Cody, WY
I've come to anticipate a Portland Bridge highlighted within the first few minutes of the show, but it was absent this week. However, scenic Oregon was still prominently portrayed in this episode.

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