Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Grimm Ep305 "El Cucuy" Portland filming locations

GRIMM EPISODE 305 "El Cucuy"

"Nick and Hank battle a powerful, vengeful Wesen who is determined to clean up the mean streets of Portland by murdering street thugs."  Aired: Nov. 29, 9/8C

Cosmic Gas Station Robbery

The first robbery took place at Astro Station on NW 21st across from St Mark's. 

Minimart Robbery

A 2nd robbery takes place at a Mexican minimart, and ensuing deaths of the robbers outside.


A woman hops off the 75 bus at the base of the St. John's Bridge, and is attacked while walking through Cathedral Park, but saved by a mysterious creature, who she refers to as…El Cucuy.

Ray Bolton's House #3508

Ray's house and a nearby street where Flores was roughed up that evening - I think this was filmed in the Mississippi neighborhood, near N Fremont & N Commercial

A couple of other locations of note in this episode:

  • Pilar's House
  • Lady Cucuy's House #305


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