Thursday, January 2, 2014

Grimm Ep 307 & 308 "Cold Blooded / 12 Days of Krampus" Portland filming locations


Adalind meets Prince Victor, Sean & Eric's cousin. That famous ceiling returns - from the library room in the Governor Hotel.
governor hotel library room on 

Himber House

Scott returns to his NE Portland home to find a huge Wesen (played by former NFL player Matthew Willig).
timber house on

Evening filming - photo on Instagram
More filming - on twitter
This brings back a flashback of Episode 108 involving another huge Wesen...

Sewer Inspection

14th & Quimby - Poor Jimmy gets sent down into the dark scary sewer and doesn't come back alive or intact.

What? Nick is growing a beard?! He really is turning Portland.

Back at the Station

The detectives trace a string of robberies including 3 robberies reported in Sellwood Park, 5 in Homestead, etc.

The guys made a quick inspection near the ubiquitous-in-Grimm St John's Bridge. All roads lead back to the St John's Bridge!

Villa in the Country (Austria)

Episode 308 - "12 Days of Krampus"

Christmas Village

NW 23rd - Back in October, the social media world was alive with reports of Grimm filming this episode, as the NW 23rd area was transformed into a Christmas wonderland.
Filming caught via Instagram
And on Twitter

Under a Bridge

Krampus followed some naughty present thieves, and hauled one of them away in his sack.  They were hiding under the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge.

O'Bryant Square Christmas

Krampus's Tree

The tallest tree on the tallest point…

Other locations:

  • Hotel Sacher - AKA The Benson Hotel (2 blocks from O'Bryant Square)
  • Bud's House
  • Monroe's - decorated, undecorated, redecorated for Christmas
  • Nick & Juliette's


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