Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Local Organic Pet Food Company

Did you know? Castor & Pollux Pet Works is in Clackamas..."We lead the pack in innovative, natural and organic pet products."

This is not South Waterfront news per se, but might be interesting to the majority of pet-owning South Waterfront residents. (I have heard quotes of 50-80% dog ownership in the South Waterfront. Could be true. Must investigate further.)

I had the opportunity to tour the Castor & Pollux facilities last week, and meet with the "leader of the pack", Brian Connolly. Brian & his wife Shelley founded the company and grew it to the multi-million dollar venture it is today. It is a great story!

I was curious about their name. Castor & Pollux were the twins in Greek & Roman mythology - Gemini. Like their branding? Brian said they wanted to become the "Tazo tea of pet food"...and Sandstrom Design in Portland help make it so.

Today the company provides 2 lines of pet food products for dogs and cats - Organix (USDA Organic - same requirements as USDA human organic approval) & Nutramix (all natural premium product line) - as well as a variety of toys, accessories and even cleaning supplies.

The Pet & Soul Foundation helps fund projects and programs at a bunch of organizations including, a website game founded by a 12 year old girl in Bend named Mimi, who recently taped with Oprah by the way!

Here's a link to their site & where you can find their products.
For you SWF residents, they are available at The Pampered Pooch, located in retail space in the John Ross plaza.

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