Saturday, April 25, 2009

What is that thing?

"Bows to Plows, Sentinels for Peace and Sustainability"

"Two WWII Liberty Ship bow remnants, with massive holds of concrete, currently reside on the riverside awaiting disposal or new purpose. Placement of the bows on the south waterfront greenway recasts these war artifacts as sentinels for peace and sustainability. Sculpturally, these elements represent the transfer and acceptance of gravity and the embrace of mass and suggest shipward inventory either during their making or their dismantling along the Willamette River.

To inspire an ethic of environmental stewardship, a hand operated community "bilge" pump offers reclaimed water to the adjacent riverine habitat. The pair of bows stand to remind us of the utility and grace of transforming "swords into plowshares"* for the healing of the earth."

For more info about this Earth Day Art sculpture by Buster Simpson: Earth Day Art

*Reference: Isaiah 2:4

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