Saturday, October 1, 2011

Get Going Oregon! event & photos

I stepped outside this morning to check out the Get Going Oregon! celebration. Little did I know I was in for a morning yoga session in the park, a Lululemon yoga mat, some Dave's Killer Bread and more. 

Get Going Oregon! (should I keep inserting the ! as part of the name?) brought together an impressive group of sponsors, vendors and participants, not to mention some great salsa music and dancing. Zumba anyone?
The event kicked off with a 5K walk down to Willamette Park and back. The perfect Oregon walking/running weather was delivered this morning.

Next up, Sun Salutations on the lawn.
I spoke with Kalianne and team from Diabetic Dosage. She has developed an insulin calculator app for Type 1 diabetics (and has a very cool story behind it)...  Check out the Diabetic Dosage app for iPhone, iPad & Android.

Local non-profit "Dogs Assisting Diabetics" wins the award for cutest team! What do they do? It's actually very interesting. From their website:  "As a person’s blood sugar reaches dangerous lows, these dogs are able to smell the chemical change the body goes through.  With meticulous techniques, these dogs are trained through positive reinforcement to search for that scent.  The dog will alert the diabetic handler, allowing that person time to take much needed sugar." Go dogs!
 Free Chair Massage - sign me up!
This event was clearly organized by a passionate, enthusiastic team with a strong group of supporters and most of all, a great cause. Thanks for bringing the fun to the South Waterfront!

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