Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grand Re-Opening of Burlingame Fred Meyer

Probably the most common question people ask me about living in the South Waterfront is: "But where do you do your grocery shopping?!" They ask with intensity. I'm always surprised that people believe this is such a serious hurdle.

Well folks, we do manage to get by, often with a quick run to Zupan's on Macadam (1.5 mi) for tonight's dinner, or even an occasional trip to Winco for bulk and necessities (7.5 mi - all freeway). The truth is we all shop at a variety of places. I see neighbors in the elevator with bags from Safeway, Whole Foods, Fred Meyer, and Zupans, as well as very frequent visits from the delivery truck.

However, the real secret? Burlingame Fred Meyer. Apparently not so obvious, this little store is just 1 exit down on I-5S, and ~5 min drive (I timed it this morning).
New remodel, same old classic sign
This weekend, after a $19M remodel and nearly 6 months of construction, the little store in Burlingame reopened in a big way. We took a field trip this morning to check it out. A large American flag and wall of champagne greeted us at the entrance...interesting.

Wow! Bye bye cramped little checkstands. Bye bye blast of hot air as you walk through the automatic doors. Hello wide open, well-lit spaces, great signage and beautifully-displayed fruit!

The store feels huge and much easier to navigate.

Judging by the layout and major sections of the new store, we shoppers are wine-drinkers, organics, cheese and olive-eaters, and pet-owners.

And there is Peet's Coffee!
Gotta love it
A wine-tasting counter (and wine steward) will offer tastings in the evenings for awhile, before moving to a weekend and special events schedule.
The electronics section and help counter is gone. However, an expanded pet product selection makes sense for our neighborhood. (Now where is the bike section?)

Very nice.

More news coverage of the grand re-opening:

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