Friday, November 18, 2011

Grimm filming locations - Episode 4

NBC is really packing in the scenic Oregon shots!

Grimm Episode 4, "Lonelyhearts", opens on the Sandy River Bridge (which leads to the historic Columbia River Highway), and closes dramatically at Multnomah Falls
Photo courtesy of Sally Filler
In the middle of this scenic Oregon sandwich, we saw the following locations:

Photo courtesy of Sally Filler
  • Machine Shop - I have no idea where...
  • Police Bureau - Filming at the former North Precinct in St Johns (from this source)
  • A morgue - I have no idea where...
  • Blue Moon Bar in NW (perhaps in ref to McMenamins Blue Moon Tavern) mentioned - although actually filmed at Crush on SE Morrison

There were minimal police bureau shots or Nick-at-home-or-in-the-trailer shots this week (a nice break).

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  1. It was actually called the Blue Moon Bar, not Tavern, in the show, so it may or may not have been an homage to the McMenamins Blue Moon Tavern on NW 21st. But you're right it was filmed at Crush.