Monday, November 21, 2011

Caution: Slippery Walkways

Beautiful but hazardous?
This is just a pedestrian safety alert about the slippery wooden pathways in Elizabeth Caruthers Park this time of year. A friend of mine slipped and fell last week, and I heard reports from several others. When I scoped it out this weekend, it was not raining, but the frost was still on the shaded paths at noon, and they were indeed very slippery.

12pm on Saturday

Someone else slid here
Please take caution, people! Although we don't have ice and snow yet, even when it's raining or a frosty morning, these walkways can be very very slick.

I recall these were closed off at some point last winter, due to icy conditions. It's a shame, because this little park is beautifully designed, and offer interesting foliage and color year-round -- always a nice stroll.

Have you had a similar experience? You can report any park issues or concerns to Portland Parks & Rec, submitting them via the ParkScan website:

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