Friday, December 9, 2011

Grimm Episode 6 Portland filming locations

Aired: Friday, Dec. 9, 9/8c

Grimm Episode 6 "The Three Bad Wolves" plot: "When Nick and Hank investigate the explosion of a Blutbad's home, Monroe is brought face-to-face with characters from his troubled past."

Sherwood got a little Grimm this week! According to the Beaverton Valley Times:

"TV crews filmed in Sherwood for two days in August, including shutting down parts of Southwest Main Street as well as Southwest Baker Road and Major Oak Drive off Sunset Boulevard."

They filmed the chase scene in nearby woods. The B.V.Times also reports that we may see more in the future:

"Although this is the first time that “Grimm’s” film crews have come to Sherwood, Gavin doesn’t expect it to be the last. “Sherwood has got some good things going for it,” he said. “There’s the river going through it, and farmland and forest. It has a good varied look.”"

  • Geodesic Dome House / scene of the crime - While looking for the location of the octagonal house that was burned down in the opening scene, I found this amazing but unrelated list of "Oregon Round Barns"... however, I'm still looking for the house used in this scene. (Any info? Send me a msg.)
--> Hey, an update here: Based on a tip from a reader, we suspect the geodesic dome used in this scene was a home in NE Portland on Mason St. View it on Google Maps to see for yourself.

  • This episode's Portland bridge shot comes from a trailer park under the Fremont Bridge
  • Picture of The (fictitious) Eugene Post online
  • Pig Cop's house ...?

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  1. Almost 100% positive the dome house is located in Netarts, Oregon!

  2. It has the same landscaping/trees around it and gray colored wood

  3. Possibly a home just north of why 30 in Scappoose. a little west of the Fred Meyers.

  4. There's also a similar dome house across the river on NW Payne St. in Camas.