Friday, December 16, 2011

Grimm Episode 7 Portland filming locations

Welcome to Hollywood, Alberta Street and The Portland Forest!

Grimm Episode 7 "Let Down Your Hair"
This Grimm take on Rapunzel involves: "A mysterious homicide deep in the woods leads to Nick and Hank reopening a long-aborted missing persons case."
Aired: Friday, Dec. 16, 9/8c

First of all, I just finished the show and there is a hiker guy still locked in the brothers' basement!?! Right? Did I miss this closure? Loose ends.....

As I mentioned, Alberta Street plays a key role in this episode. However, the main character is The Forest (supposedly around Mt Hood), shown in the opening crime scene, and in follow-on scenes involving expansive fly-over aerial shots and detectives on 4-wheelers racing through the trails. It is also the location where we discover Holly the teenage Blutbad living in her treehouse.

  • The Forest opening scene and throughout - actual location, Forest Park?
  • Police station interior - same ol'
  • "Multnomah County Medical Examiner" building - title is accurate, but not the actual building. I only saw one shot of the building.
  • Oregon Ducks roofrack on Nick's Jeep - did you catch it?
  • Extreme Christmas at Monroe's & big news: Santa is a Grimm?!
  • Holly's Mom's House, #3237, green house, red door, white picket fence
Received the following tip from a reader, OldeSaultie. Missing the picket fence and red door, but otherwise looks like a match.
Holly (Rapunzel) Clark's home
3237 NE Bryce St
Portland, OR 

Of all the episodes so far, I have to admit that this one was the hardest to follow. Maybe I was paying too much attention to the scenery and local sites, but I was left a bit confused. (Wait, why did Holly strangle that drug-grower? does she have a super-braid in her Blutbad form? did she decide to live in a treehouse after the attempted kidnapping? what were those guys talking about in Alberta St Pub? and of course... isn't there a hiker still locked in the basement awaiting torture?!)

As always, if you have any tips on filming locations, shoot me a message! 

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  1. Holly (Rapunzel) Clark's home
    3237 NE Bryce St
    Portland, OR

  2. The "Multnomah County Medical Examiner" building
    2127 NW 26th Ave
    Portland, OR

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