Monday, March 19, 2012

The Dale Frank Jr. Barge at Zidell 2011


Harley Marine orders barges at Zidell and U.S. Barge

"The first barge, to be named DALE FRANK JR., is being built at Zidell Marine in Portland, Oregon. It is a double hull petroleum barge measuring 289 ft x 78 ft x 24 ft with a carrying capacity of 52,000 barrels. The fourth in its class, it is a sister barge to the WEBB MOFFETT. and is expected to be completed and delivered to Harley Marine Services in October 2011."

If you want to delve into some ship-building history, here is a full list dating back to 1961, of ships built by Zidell in Portland: 

"Zidell Marine started life in 1946 when Emery Zidell bought the former Commercial Iron Works yard just south of Portland's Ross Island Bridge and renamed it Zidell Ship Dismantling.   It quickly became the largest shipbreaker in the U.S., scrapping 336 oceangoing ships in the course of the next 30 years.  In 1960, as the scrapping business began to slow, Zidell started building barges on the same site."

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