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Grimm Episode 15 Portland filming locations

Grimm Episode 15: "Island of Dreams"
Summary: "When the Wesen spice shop is robbed, Nick discovers that the criminals may have been after a rare and dangerous drug."
Aired: Friday, March 30

New Locations: Featuring Portland's Central Eastside Industrial District

Opening scene:
Episode 15 opens at the Portland Art Museum. Have any of you die-hard fans out there identified the painting of the woman yet?
'La Bella' on

Many thanks to a reader for identifying the painting! (See comments below.) The painting 'La Bella (Woman in a Blue Dress)' was part of the Titian exhibit, which ran at the Portland Art Museum for several months this winter. This OregonLive article provides some good background.

Scene of the Crime:
You will recognize this episode's scene of the crime as the same Spice Shop from Episode 10 ("Organ Grinder"). These were filmed at the historic Rich Hotel building at 205 Couch.

Home Sweet Home:
We get a little glimpse inside 3 of the characters' homes this week (mainly interior shots).
1. Adalind's Kitchen - where she hexes up a batch of cookies for Hank.

2. Hank's House - where Hank eats the hexed-up cookies.
The house sign reads #1403. Filming location is: 1403 SE Knight St - this is a few blocks off SE Milwaukie Ave, behind Papa Haydn.
(Thanks to OldeSaultie for spotting this one!)

3. Wu's Apartment - "near the Spice Shop"
Wu's place is presumably within carrying-a-comatose-man-while-walking distance of the Spice Shop. After being put under a spell by a hexed cookie (meant for Hank), facially disfigured by said spell, de-disfigured by the Spice Shop owner's sister (Rosalie) and her crazy spice concoction, Wu is carried home. When he wakes up, he eats part of his couch cushion...what?!

Central Eastside Locations:
Filming took place in mid-January, in the industrial area around/under the Morrison Bridge, near Montage, warehouses, and railroad tracks. (I heard from an Extra in this episode who claimed it was the longest day of her life, which seems to be a recurring theme heard from extras. Oh, the price you pay for celebrity, but anyhoo...)

Montage on
  • Druggies' apartment in the CEID: En route to track down the creature drug criminals, the cops come screaming to a stop under the Morrison Bridge, in front of Montage (301 SE Morrison).
  • "419 NE Catrick Ave, PDX" - Drug dealers hand Rosalie 2 cards with the address to a warehouse party. This is a crazy address. We are in SE. But the cards are nifty. 

The actual crack warehouse party looks like it is located along the 200 block of SE Alder.
~205 SE Alder -
Cool red tents, eh? -
The Closer:
Juliette goes target shooting at "Multnomah Gun Club". What do you know? She is an ace sharp-shooter.  I'm not familiar with MGC...anyone?

I think we will be seeing more of Rosalie (I hope so)...and I think Monroe hopes so too. Juliette definitely has some tricks up her skinny little sleeve. Also, the Beaver-Plumber from Episode 11 "Tarantella" randomly returned to bring Nick & Juliette a pie and a quilt, of all things. There is definitely more to the story...

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  1. And you may or may not already be aware that NBC has confirmed a second season of Grimm with 22 episodes! So good news! :)

  2. Thanks so much for your blog postings on Grimm! I'm a former Oregonian living in Illinois and I watch Grimm religiously, excited to see glipses of known parts of the city. Love that you have the real locations down! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment Jen! It's great to hear from Grimm followers and Oregonians all around the country.

  3. The painting at the Portland Art Museum was "La Bella" by Renaissance painter Titian, on display during December 2011 and January 2012. For more info: