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Grimm Ep 205 Portland filming locations

First Presbyterian - 12th & Alder

Season 2 Episode 5: "The Good Shepherd"

Story: "Monroe goes undercover to help Nick expose the truth about a local church and its unusual flock."
Aired Sept 28, 9/8C

Bar (opening scene)

I received some helpful hints from a reader, regarding the location of the bar(s) in the opening scene with Nick and the beaver.

Exterior: Dockside Saloon @ 2047 NW Front Ave
Updated -- Interior: I received a tip that this was filmed in Milwaukie, OR at Jo's Saloon.
4400 SE International Way
"McFadden's Mulch"
Looks like Ross Island Sand & Gravel again...
Poor Norman Brewster...

Juliette in the Club

Brief scene in a yellow-ish bar which I don't recognize:

First Presbyterian

Portland First Presbyterian Church returns...last seen on Episode 11 of Season 1. The filming earlier his summer at the church caused quite a stir. It is a gorgeous building, inside and out.

Sanctuary -

We have a bunch of great photos to share, from on and around the set during filming:

photo courtesy S. Filler 
photo courtesy S. Filler
photo courtesy S. Filler

And here is a great album on set of the courtyard bake sale scene:

Rev. Lance's house

The police screen shot says the house was located at a fictional "142 W 217th St, Tigard, OR". As for the actual location, maybe a sound set?

Familiar scenes this week:

And things did not end badly for the Reverend's assistant...
definitely not Portland!
NBC provided a few behind the scense shots here from the film set (below). The parking lot set was located in the NW industrial area here - you can find the locations posted on OldeSaultie's map of Season 2.

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