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Grimm Episode 11 Portland filming locations

Marina at Riverplace -
Grimm Episode 11: "Tarantella"
NBC summary: "The desiccated body of a young man leads Nick and Hank to a deadly woman leading a double life."
Aired: Friday, Feb. 10, 9/8c

"Graet" locations this week - Spiderwoman visits Old Town, The Pearl, Riverplace Marina & a few bridge shots

Graeter Art Gallery, Old Town
Tonight's opening scene takes place in Graeter Art Gallery in Old Town, art and all. Graeter Art held a well-publicized screening party tonight. They are located @ 131 NW 2nd Ave.  Did any of you attend?
Grimm crime scene in Portland's Graeter Art Gallery
The Encore, The Pearl
Spiderwoman's first victim was killed in a gross, venom-spewing manner inside a condo in The Pearl. OregonLive reports this is the Encore Condos. The Encore is located on the east end of The Pearl, 9th & Overton, on The Fields Park where the following scene was filmed.
The Encore condos (2.11.12)
The Fields Park, The Pearl
Monroe & Burkhardt take a coffee break in The Fields Park, drinking coffee from Grand Central Bakery. (Although, there is no GCB near the park...)
The Fields Park, Rational Exuberance sculpture (2.11.12)
We got a glimpse of the yellow sculpture, Rational Exuberance, as well as a quick shot of Metrovino in the background.
Metrovino -
A few of our regularly seen locations:
- The Morgue
- Police Station
- Aunt Marie's trailer under the Fremont Bridge

Hobo's, Old Town
Spiderwoman picks up another unsuspecting victim, this time in Hobo's on 3rd Ave. Odd choice? I assume this venue must have been chosen for the reference to the venomous and sort of scary hobo spider. Very clever, Grimm people!

They go to a hotel room, which is the end of the line for the man. Nice note from the Portland Mercury's commentary: "Alert Portlanders will note that ladies do not generally seduce dudes at Hobo's."

I'm not sure where the hotel scenes were shot. Any tips?

Four Portland bridge shots this week:
- Broadway bridge
- Ross Island bridge
- Hawthorne bridge
- Fremont bridge

"643 Lovejoy", Beavers house
Strangely, the '643 Lovejoy' address reference shows up again, written on a scrap of paper. (They also used it in Episode 9 for the auto shop location.) This time, '643 Lovejoy' is the house of the beaver creatures who are scared of Burkhardt. The actual house is located off Raleigh & 23rd (thanks Sally).

And of course the beaver creatures are huge OSU fans...posters, OSU gear on the walls, sweatshirts. (Again, cute touch, Grimm writers.)

Soccer Park
Turns out Spiderwoman is a Soccermom! She visits her daughter's soccer game. I believe this scene was shot with the Northwest United soccer team.

Cloister House
A 26 year old "Spinnetod" who looks like she is 80 has holed up here to keep herself from killing.  The gorgeous interior of First Presbyterian Church downtown was the setting for these shots. If you have been in the church before, you may recognize the stained glass, dark wood, and carved banisters. (If you haven't been, maybe you should?)
First Presbyterian Church, 12th & Alder

'Washington Middle School'
The next scene takes the detectives to a generic looking principal's office at "Washington Middle School". I hear there was filming at a private school in NE, but don't know much more than that.

Marina, RiverPlace
A houseboat called "Pretty Penny" makes an appearance in this scene at the marina at RiverPlace. (These are the boat docks in front of McCormick & Schmick's on the waterfront.) We also some nighttime footage of the Ross Island Bridge, Hawthorne Bridge, OMSI, etc.
Marina at RiverPlace (2.11.12)
Marina at RiverPlace (2.11.12)
Bonus:  Next week, expect a little cage-fighting action on Grimm. I suspect this may be the episode filmed with the Beaverton Pal Boxing Team...

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  1. Love this! Thanks for blogging this info.. I live in Oregon, and love this show and seeing all these familiar locations!!! Yay!!