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Grimm Episode 17 Portland filming locations

Brasserie is back!
Grimm Episode 17: "Love Sick" AKA "The Key or Hank" AKA "Grimm vs Hexenbeist" AKA "The one where Nick kisses the Hexenbeist to death" AKA "Poor Adalind..."

This week: "Nick and Juliette join Hank for dinner, where Nick discovers Hank's mystery date is the same Hexenbiest who tried to kill Aunt Marie."
Aired: April 13

Opener @ Aunt Marie's Trailer - Nick thrashes around the trailer with his special key, spills some ink, and discovers a clue.

Near the Dockside Bar, Thurman St
Tweet yesterday via @EBrock1972
Another Parking Garage
Capt. Renard is kidnapped...from The Encore parking garage (I believe). We first saw Renard's condo in Episode 13.

Old Warehouse-type place
The Swiss Family Kidnappers take Renard here, but he ends up turning on some major league fighting skills and killing all of them.
 As for the warehouse location, this may be the same locale in Linnton where the Episode 12 "Last Grimm Standing" scenes were filmed... anyone recognize it?

The Brasserie Montmartre is back!
Making its 2nd appearance in 2 weeks, the Brasserie is getting some serious primetime footage.

Adalind's mom's (Catherine) house - 2939 NW Raleigh St
(Thanks to OldeSaultie for this great find!)
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We return to several previous locations:
  • Police station
  • Monroe's house
  • Spice Shop
  • Wu's Apartment
Adalind's Condo - filmed at The Bridgeport Condos on the 1100 block of NW Marshall (on the streetcar tracks).

Sorry for my previous post confusion. The Sitka Apts are across the street - filming took place there 2/11-2/13.
I happened upon the scene while out on a run 2/13
Bridgeport Condos -
"Treeview Hospital" - Wu's hospital room. In Episode 8 "Game Ogre", the Treeview Hospital exterior was shot at Montgomery Park. However, I believe the hospital rooms are at Good Sam's.

Grand Finale at "Brennan Ruins" in Forest Park
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The Stone House plays a perfectly Grimm-ish backdrop in the final scene, a showdown between Grimm & Hexenbeist.

"The Stone House is located in Portland’s Forest Park, one of the largest urban forested parks in the United States. It was built during the Depression by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) as a restroom alongside then Balch Creek Road."
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