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Grimm Portland locations: Ep 208 "The Other Side"

Portland's Marshall High on

Grimm Episode 208: "The Other Side"

"Nick and Hank are called to the scene of a murdered high school academic decathlete."
Aired Oct 19, 9/8C

Zell's Cafe

Following a high school decathlon, the competitors enjoyed some french fries at Zells.
Zellscafe.com1300 SE Morrison St
Filming at Zells - courtesy S. Filler

ZellsCafe on

Library Awards Dinner

Governor Hotel - The scene of the Grimm Portland Police Department awards event, the Library Room is also a popular wedding reception locale.

Another side note: Taking off to the scene of the crime, the cops referred to a random address "55 Adam & Millpark".

Treelined Streets of Eastmoreland

Brandon the decathlete took a stroll home along SE Reed College Place in Eastmoreland. 
photo courtesy S. Filler
Brandon then got Lowen-ed near Duniway Elementary School.
Duniway Elementary School - photo courtesy S. Filler

Side note: This is about 5 miles from Zell's, not exactly walking distance, but we can give them a little creative license on this one.


Marshall High School bleachers, where Jenny became the 2nd victim of the high school half-Lowen killer.

Marshall High bleachers on

Jenny's White House

Filming - photo courtesy S. Filler

Vienna, Austria hotel...

Adalind and Renard's half-brother rendezvous in an Austrian hotel, spilling family secrets.

Pierce's House

3108 Crystal Springs Blvd in Eastmoreland
Pierce's house -

Water Tower near Montgomery Park

Last side note: Montgomery Park is the site of several previous filming locations on Grimm. See Episode 8, 13 and 17 of Season 1, as well as Episode 2 of Season 2.

Familiar scenes this week:

Aunt Marie's Trailer at the Dockside - photo courtesy S. Filler

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