Friday, March 22, 2013

Grimm Ep 214 Portland locations

Grimm Episode 214: "Natural Born Wesen"

"The Wesen code of honor comes into question when a trio of rogue Wesen robs a series of banks using their Grimm identities. Meanwhile, Juliette finds herself tormented by hallucinations."
Aired March 15, 9/8C

After a spell-breaking scene with Rosalee (and Monroe and Nick and Renard) at the Spice Shop, Juliette heads home, and is dropped off by "Fast Eddie's Cab Company".  (As far as I can tell, a completely fictional service.)

Bank Robbery

The historic * Three Kings * bank building downtown on SW 6th Ave & Stark was used for this episode's bank robbery. It is currently vacant and the Grimm crew moved in for shooting October 29, 2012. The day of filming was filled with loud noises and big flashes of light.

Here are some photos of "First Cascadian Bank" taken during filming:

Diner from Season 1 (Hank & Nick's hangout)

Revisit Season 2 Episode 4 for our first sighting of Nick & Hank at the Sultan Cafe on 18th.
Sultan Cafe on

"Junkyard Dog" bar

Greek Village Tavern on Murray Blvd in Gresham - thanks to a reader for this great tip!
Junkyard Dog on

"Cuthridge Industries

Check out the Grimm - 2 map by OldeSaultie for this location at 29500 Grahams Ferry Rd in Wilsonville.
Cuthridge Industries on

"Seamark National Bank"

This bank robbery was staged at the Ecotrust Building in the Pearl, located at 721 NW 9th.
Ecotrust on
Filming took place at the end of October.
Filming at Ecotrust Bldg 10/27/12



  1. Figured out the church from tonight's episodes is the Atkinson Memorial Church in Oregon City. It's fun figuring where the places are.

  2. FYI for anyone interested, a house just up the street from "Monroe's house" is currently for sale. Wouldn't that be fun?

  3. The Greek village is in Beaverton not in Gresham