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We're Back! ...Grimm EP 213 Portland locations

Grimm Episode 213: "Face Off" 

"Nick and Renard finally go head-to-head in light of Nick's discovery, while Juliette and Renard's magnetic attraction reaches dangerous new heights."
Aired March 8, 9/8C

Grimm is back! If you remember from the first half of the season, Grimm left us hanging on Episode 212 amid food carts and fighting. Juliette & Renard have been smooching, mysterious motorcyclists joined the scene, and Adalind is traipsing around town again.

Opener: Renard on KGW

Thanks to KGW & Monroe, Nick finds out about Renard & Juliette. Before he can storm out and track them down, he's called out to the scene of a quadruple homicide...the very same quadruple homicide that he was involved in just hours before.

Monroe in food cart fight on Ep 212

Food Cart Pod

As we saw in Episode 212, a fairly believable food cart pod was set up at 905 SW 16th Ave for these fight scenes. Blues City Biscuits, Old School PB&J, Bunk Sandwiches and Olympic Provisions were on display.

Aunt Marie's Trailer

Renard gets into Aunt Marie's Trailer? What?

Vienna, Austria

Cut to Europe and a bilingual Renard speaks with some mysterious Austrian.

Familiar Scenes

The usual glimpses of homes sweet homes:
Hotel Deluxe on

Rosalee Returns

Before returning to Portland, Rosalee calls Monroe from her aunt's house.
Rosalee on

Adalind Released

The old Customs House once again plays a nice backdrop to this scene. Adalind seems not too thrilled with her get out of jail free card, however, until Renard swoops in and kidnaps her.
Adalind on
Renard then takes her somewhere like a dark riverfront for a confrontation - "fix me" - she can't but promises to make him feel better and then they frolic.

More Familiar Scenes:

  • Union Station - Rosalee returns via bus
  • Renard's condo - great sunny views of the Steel & Burnside bridges and beyond...

Bridge City views on

Nick vs Renard

And finally, a showdown between Nick & Renard.  Renard picks the meeting place - and nothing is creepier than the creepy guy's cabin from the Season 1 Pilot?
Season 1 cabin on
Knockdown drag-out fighting until...they quickly make up and make a beeline to the Spice Shop for Rosalee's concoction intended to cure Renard and Juliette of their obsession.

P.S. One more thing, Adalind heads back to Austria again, and it looks like a little Hexenbaby is on the way.

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  1. I'm always curious about turnaround time from shooting to air on big productions like this. I got to watch Adalind leaving the jail back on October 23.