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Grimm Ep215 Portland locations

Spoiler: Nick gets blasted

Grimm Episode 215: "Mr. Sandman"

"A hideous fly-like creature feeds on human suffering by drinking tears...Nick must face a new victim that leaves his victims blind."
Aired March 22, 9/8C

"First Methodist" 

A grief support group meets at a local church, played by Atkinson Memorial Church in Oregon City. This is where the Sandman picks up his first victim.
Atkinson Memorial on

Atkinson Memorial on
Some shots from filming:

Victim 1's House

The Sandman took his victim home to 800 SE 10th Ave.
10th & Morrison on
Local reference: the grieving girl worked at PSU Admissions Office.
The Sandman's old car is a prominent feature throughout this episode...must be more to the story?

"Willamette Community Center"

The next grief group meeting took place at what looks like the old East Portland Branch Multnomah Library located at 1110 SE Alder. This is home to the PFTCE Union Office (Portland Federation of School Professionals). (Thanks to mkabza for the tip!)
Grief Group #2 on

Kelly's House

The Sandman's 2nd victim lived on this street...

Later in the show, they all had to return to Kelly's to find the bad guy, pop out one of his Wesen eyeballs, grind up said eyeball and mash it into an eye mask for Nick, which would cure him of the eyeworms death. Grimm's 2nd most disgusting scene ever.

Find the Sandman's eyeball before it's too late!

"Santa Lucia High School"

The Old Jackson Campus in Oregon City, located at 1304 12th Santa Lucia High School.

Jackson Campus on Google Maps

Mention in social media:
I also read somewhere that the same location was used for filming the hospital scenes, but I have not confirmed that yet.
Ep215 hospital on

Forest Ninja Time

Nick practicing his new powers 
It appears that Nick has picked up some extra-super powers after his encounter with the Sandman's eye worms.  Super sensitive hearing and catlike reflexes? This could get interesting!


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  1. love this blog the location on se alder grief group is actually the PFTCE Union office