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Grimm Ep218 "Volcanalis" Portland filming locations

El Diablo on

Grimm Episode 218 "Volcanalis" (Ring of Fire)

"The gang works together to defeat a fiery demon-like Wesen."
Aired April 26, 9/8C

Mount Hood

The episode opens with a young geologist out investigating volcanic activity (alone) "southwest of the Coalman Glacier" on the "Forest Service Road 218" when she runs into trouble...

Trouble (as in El Diablo) followed her home: 937 NE Going St

Jill's house on
937 NE Going on
Fun Fact:  The 6'7 actor, Brian Steele, behind this episode's Volcanalis, has an impressive resume playing "demons and other menacing creatures". He was in Harry & the Hendersons, Predator and Hellboy. See more here:

Familiar scenes:

Watching the Timbers on

Eon Industries

The Eon Industries HQ looks to be located at 3100 NW Industrial St.
3100 NW Industrial on

Eon Industries on

Thom Evans' House

Thom Evans from Eon Industries was also tracked down to his home/cabin.
El Diablo on the run on

El Diablo on

Brafford Sheet Metal

The Nick-Wu-Renard team's final showdown with Volcanalis involved multiple tanks of liquid nitrogen and a Terminator 2 style frozen shattering. This took place in another abandoned warehouse...Grimm seems quite fond of such abandoned industrial buildings. (Maybe this was the same one we've seen before?)
Final scene on

Mt Hood 

A beautiful and familiar shot of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake:
Mt Hood on


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