Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Grimm Ep216 "Nameless" Portland filming locations

investigating.... on nbc.com/grimm

Grimm Episode 216 "Nameless"

"When a gruesome homicide brings an office party to a screeching halt, Nick and Hank find themselves battling a Wesen on a completely new platform - online."
Aired March 29, 9/8C

Apologies for being so tardy in posting this update, and so short on location details this week. I will fill these in as they show up. Feel free to send me your tips and ideas!

Special thanks this week to OldeSaultie - be sure to check out his Grimm 2 Map for up-to-date locations!

Spinner Games - Video Game Launch Party

This video game launch party slash crime scene feels like it could have been filmed at a few places around town... verdict is: 905 NW 12th.

Video game launch on nbc.com/grimm

Video game launch on nbc.com/grimm

Video game launch on nbc.com/grimm

Familiar scenes:

Character Home Tour:

  • Spinner CEO's office 

Lotus Cafe

As seen previously in Episode 19, the Lotus Cafe was also referenced early on in Episode 2. The Lotus is located at SW 3rd & Salmon downtown.
Renard at the Lotus on nbc.com/grimm

Ridley's apt #216 (fire escape)

Fire Escape scene on nbc.com/grimm

And somewhere in Portland, the caged IT guy goes crazy...



  1. the picture you call Jenna's apt (fire escape) is Ridley's apartment building

  2. The building outside the window of Spinner's CEO office looks like the one at NW 11th and 12th between NW Lovejoy and NW Kearney. Not saying it is but it is the same design as that. Also at one point the building just south of it is seen through the window.

    The building just west of it between NW 12th and NW 13th appears to have the same window design as the office. So my guess is that is the building where the office scene was filmed. Not sure if 1220 NW Lovejoy Ave. is the right address but Google shows that one.