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Grimm Ep217 "One Angry Fuchsbau" filming locations

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Grimm Episode 217 "One Angry Fuchsbau"

"Rosalee is called to jury duty and takes on a lawyer with unusual powers of persuasion."
Aired April 5, 9/8C

Thanks again to OldeSaultie for many of this week's locations; be sure to check out the Grimm 2 Map for the latest!

Donald's House

The opening scene takes to a mysterious mansion where an overbearing wesen husband throws his wife off a balcony.


Gus J. Solomon Courthouse @ 620 SW Main St

Bar - Jake's Bar & Grill

Barry the Attorney attempts to take home a pretty woman from the bar.

Barry Chased

Bud the Beaver joined efforts with Team Nick-Hank-Monroe-Rosalee to help steal some sweat from Barry the Attorney for Rosalee's antidote. Filmed up the street from Jake's, around 10th & Alder.
Bud returns on

Benson Hotel

Barry the frog-eating attorney is staying in a posh room at the Benson, apparently living it up in the Presidential Suite.
309 SW Broadway St
Benson on
Also in the background, a couple of local companies, Elemental Technologies and Radio Cab (not the first time they've made an appearance).

Castle Interior with Eric

The Governor Hotel Library Room was used to fill in for the Austrian Castle interior. You can't help but notice the unique ceiling design:
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Eric Renard on
The Governor Hotel was previously seen on episodes 122 and 208.

Rest up, we have a 1 week hiatus before Grimm Episode 218 hits the air!

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  1. Ceiling design of governor hotel library is remarkably similar to the library ceiling in Hearst Castle.